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DDs musicality vs theory, scales etc

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Taffeta Wed 25-Oct-17 17:15:17

DD plays flute & recorder. Earlier this year she did G3 recorder and G2 flute. She’s always struggled with the latter sections of the ABRSM exams, scraping through the scales & arpeggios, aural tests etc.

This was very apparent in her flute exam this year, however incredibly she managed a distinction because she got 29/30 on each of the three played pieces.

Her recorder teacher is suggesting Trinity moving forward - is this because there’s no G5 theory?

DD wants to do grades and doesn’t need too much nagging to practice. I’m not sure what is best to do moving forward - if we are doing Trinity for recorder should we also do it for flute? Are there any disadvantages? Is she going to come really unstuck with scales, aural tests etc as she goes up the grades? I’ve not done any music exams myself so am pretty clueless.

Trying2bgd Wed 25-Oct-17 17:27:18

Listen to the advice of your music teacher as there must be a reason why she suggested it, perhaps the exams are more weighted towards the performance pieces. Scales, however, are dull but essential so no exam board would not include and hence test for scales. I don't think trinity is viewed as any less valuable than ABRSM grades so I wouldn't worry about that. I would only say that if your DD went onto study music, she would eventually encounter music theory not doing theory grade 5 may prove a disadvantage.

Wafflenose Wed 25-Oct-17 18:04:46

Trinity is far more highly regarded for Recorder, so I'd be inclined to move her for that actually. But doing both boards on separate instruments is good too (my youngest is currently doing Trinity Cello and ABRSM Clarinet, and did Trinity Recorder when younger). Trinity suits the modern child because there are choices. ABRSM are steadfastly sticking with what they've always offered. Horses for courses.

Taffeta Wed 25-Oct-17 18:58:03

That’s really helpful thank you both.

I will see what her flute teacher says. She may well choose to do Music GCSE later on - would it be beneficial then to have stuck at ABRSM for flute?

Wafflenose Wed 25-Oct-17 18:59:17

No. Not in the slightest. A few music colleges specify a preference for one or the other, but it won't matter for GCSE, A Level, or even a university music degree.

Taffeta Wed 25-Oct-17 20:00:02

Fab, thank you.

Ferguson2 Thu 26-Oct-17 21:16:01

There is plenty of information on-line for the more technical aspects of music, and ABRSM, Trinity etc publish guidebooks and practice papers for everything needed.

If possible, it is best if a student really UNDERSTANDS Theory and other aspects, and doesn't just learn by rote from teachers.

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