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Flute for a beginner

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user1469360472 Wed 06-Sep-17 18:43:21

My daughter is about to learn the flute. She currently plays at grade 6 upwards on other instruments but I declined to allow her the flute as I didn't want to compromise her academic work. Also because flutes seemed to cost the earth.

Now she wants to learn the flute to intermediate level; with no major exams in the near future, now's the time to dabble in it for a while. She's 11 and started senior school today.

What flute should I get? I may wait to get advice from her teacher but I want to do some research as well in the meantime.
I came across a site called gear 4 music that seems to cater for a good range of budgets. They seem to have a deluxe own brand one for £180 described as follows:

"16 Hole Nickel Silver Flute With Silver Plated Finish
High-Quality Flute for Progressing Beginners
Closed Hole Design with a Split E Mechanism
Comes With Hard Case & Cleaning Rod
The Deluxe Flute by Gear4music is a reliable instrument, ideal for students who are looking for an instrument with upgraded features to take them through their grades. Featuring a sterling silver mouth plate and a free blowing, silver plated sound chamber, this student flute produces a strong and stable tone. The Deluxe Flute by Gear4music comes complete with a deluxe case, cloth and rod providing everything a new player needs to get started."

Any flute players with some tips on what to look out for?

Wafflenose Wed 06-Sep-17 20:34:22

We are usually on a budget, but I wouldn't touch those. Look out for a second hand Yamaha 211 or equivalent - you can sometimes get those for £200, and they are fine up to Grade 7.

user1469360472 Wed 06-Sep-17 20:42:43

I see. Thank you.
Are second hands ok for a flute hygiene-wise? Given they are played with the mouth unlike violins and pianos for example?

cakesandphotos Wed 06-Sep-17 20:45:57

I agree with PP, a Yamaha is worth waiting to get. My mum got my first flute for about £100 which was a lot in the 90s! I would give it a really good clean with the stick cleaner thing. Not sure whether anti bacterial wipes would damage the metal though…

NouveauBitch Wed 06-Sep-17 20:46:05

I did my grade 8 (distinction, preens) on a yamaha 211 which was second hand when I bought it and is still in a cupboard somewhere. They're really decent instruments. Look on ebay and in the local papers - they're always available (mass produced and well respected so are always being passed on).

There's no hygiene issue I can think of - it's not like you put it in your mouth like a reeded instrument, it's just touching your skin. Anyway, I didn't die/catch rabies or herpes from mine! grin

Sometimes schools and local music centres have loan schemes on instruments - it might be worth googling locally about such things.

user1469360472 Wed 06-Sep-17 21:04:55

Thank you cakesandphotos and NouveauB. I see several on eBay so will peruse.
Your music centre comment has reminded me to ask my other daughter's clarinet teacher as well. He works with the music service.

G1raffe Thu 05-Oct-17 18:53:57

Resurrecting this thread as googling flutes for beginners!

Our local second hand woodwind shop has the above yamaha 211 but at 325. Is that a normal price for one that's been serviced etc? I can see some on gumtree/ebay for 200ish but presumably would then need servicing.

I'm trying to work out what first flute to get as above hiring for a year is the same price as a basic 100 flute...

Taffeta Mon 09-Oct-17 08:20:35

DD has been playing 2 years - hired for the first year & bought a Pearl new one last year. Very happy with it.

ferrier Mon 09-Oct-17 08:32:55

Yamaha are very reliable. Unless there's something seriously wrong you could probably do all the servicing yourself. Just check all the pads before you buy. Make sure they all seal the holes properly.
If you buy on ebay you can get brilliant deals, way below the standard shop prices for second hand models but clearly there is a risk attached. For most wind/brass instruments (non wooden) I'd say that risk is limited to the cost of servicing - there's not a lot can go badly wrong with these instruments.

G1raffe Mon 09-Oct-17 08:35:50

We bought it! It was about 100 more than ebay but we didn't have a clue and I guess it involved 75 worth of servicing?

I'd like to get away with not paying servicing every year though so that's good!!

ferrier Mon 09-Oct-17 11:45:37

I've never had a wind instrument serviced. Just make sure it gets dried out after every use. Use rizla papers to dry out the pads too. Very occasionally a pad will need replacing - like once every ten years or so.

Singap0reSling Mon 09-Oct-17 11:53:27

@G1raffe we also bought a Yamaha off eBay. It's been great and DC has enjoyed it. Our flute was relatively new but had never been serviced, so after a few years use (by us) we've just spent £200 on a service hmm

We also bought a silver polish cloth and powder paper to keep it shiny and the pads clean.

My point is you've probably got yourself a good deal, if your flute has just been serviced recently. Enjoy!

G1raffe Mon 09-Oct-17 11:58:37

Ours was from a local music shop the flute teachers all recommend so I can completely trust it's even properly serviced and is good to go. It was painful seeing them £100 cheaper on eBay though but I hope it's good to go.

Ferrier - great to know! Hopefully the flute teacher will tell us of it needs looking at. I've read online about rizzla papers! I will have to buy some!

G1raffe Mon 09-Oct-17 11:59:39

£200 service!!! Ours is 75 - although I'm hoping to get away with not needing one for a while if it's just been "done".

Madcats Mon 09-Oct-17 22:31:15

I think we paid about £300 last year for a newly refurbished Japanese Yamaha 211. We were tempted by eBay, but decided to pay a bit more and buy one from the shop than looks after our music teacher's flutes etc.

Unlike the previous very cheap flute we'd been borrowing this one hasn't needed any tweaking every couple of weeks! And it sounds so much nicer.

I must remember to buy some Rizzla papers

rachrach2 Mon 09-Oct-17 22:44:08

I have had the same Yamaha 211S for 28 years (played multiple times a week for the whole time, still play). I got a silver head for it when about grade 6 level to improve tone and have it regularly serviced. It has been a lovely instrument and got me from grade 1 through to 8 and beyond. I would definitely recommend it.

G1raffe Mon 09-Oct-17 22:46:40

It's wonderful to hear the 211 love. My daughter has been playing it morning,noon and night so far. She loves it. And yes , even to my unmusical ear, I can hear how much nicer it sounds than the borrowed cheap flute.

Hopefully she will a stick with it!

user1469360472 Fri 13-Oct-17 08:36:10

We ended up going with a Trevor James TJ10X new flute and so far, so very good.

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