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NCO 2018

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stringchild Wed 23-Aug-17 19:07:22

The new annual thread for those interested and/or auditioning! Ask questions, update your news - lots of nco parents on board and those hoping to be smile

stringchild Wed 23-Aug-17 19:11:49

So to start us off _ DD is auditioning for her 5th year (!) and is currently in NCOs. We do regionals in London Seniors. DD loves NCO and esp the friends she has made. We will audition at the very end of october half term hopefully.

stringchild Wed 23-Aug-17 19:12:18


Fleurdelise Wed 23-Aug-17 21:33:49

Hello! Dd is auditioning for the first time for U11, I don't think she's the right level but we thought it is a good experience and she'll at least know what to expect for next year if she decides to do it again.

I'll sure bombard you veterans with lots of questions.

Wafflenose Wed 23-Aug-17 21:51:24

Hello, I have Goo (11) who plays flute and piano. She has been in NCO for the past three years and lives for it, so she's trying out for the 4th time, during the half term holiday. She and I have been trying to drum up some interest at the village school and also amongst my pupils, but without success so far. I tell everyone on here to have a go though!

If Goo were successful, she would repeat Under 12s, because of the recent change in age requirements. We haven't started thinking about pieces yet, but I expect everyone is going to come along and scare me by rattling off their programmes soon! confused

Minimusiciansmama Thu 24-Aug-17 01:34:16

My little miss will try for u10s this year for the first time but like fleur we are going into it as a learning experience; it will be her first formal audition for anything. Though she's more and more keen to be successful as she's seen the summer Facebook posts and things! So I'm trying to manage her expectations.... she's still quite little.
We do have her programme chosen but because she needs her pieces for a concert late September and the audition date we are hoping for is early on in their dates.

I've loved hearing about the courses this year, its wonderful hearing how much the children get from it. From my girl's perspective, what particularly seems to appeal to her is the prospect of being in an orchestra where there are some children the same age as her, though she'd still be a younger one. But in her bands, she's half the age and size of most of her band mates, in her school orchestra she's 4 years younger than her desk partners.

Looking forward to hearing lots more from you old hands and seeing where this takes us!

musicathome76 Thu 24-Aug-17 11:06:05

I have been thinking about putting in my middle DS up for audition with his cell. He is 9 (will be 10 in November), which age group orchestra would he go to?
I'm not sure he is at the right standard...

Wafflenose Thu 24-Aug-17 12:46:33

Under 10s, musicathome. The local 9 year olds auditioning on cello last year were all playing grade 3 pieces. It's a fun experience anyway, and you don't know unless you try.

Cellostar Thu 24-Aug-17 19:54:43

My 5-year old started learning cello recently. What is the expectation at age 7 to stand a realistic chance of being successful for nco audition? Also, do you have any recommendations at this age.

Wafflenose Thu 24-Aug-17 20:52:16

It's very hard for most of us to get out of the mindset of grades/ ages, but that really isn't what they look for. Good sight reading, a 'have a go' attitude, decent tuning and some knowledge of forwards and backwards extensions would be desirable at 7-8 years. My younger daughter started the cello in her late 5s, and was nowhere near that at 7, but her teacher says she still progressed well for a 5 year old. She recently passed Grade 3 with distinction at 9 years and 1 month old.

Musicdoc Sat 26-Aug-17 08:48:29

My two will be auditioning this year - my son (cello) for u13s and my daughter (violin) for u11s. They have both been in it for 3yrs. Each year the standard of the competition is higher - both would love to be in again this year but we know it might not happen.
Musicathome my son auditioned with G4 pieces the first year (U10s).

bassclef Sun 27-Aug-17 07:08:33

My ds will be auditioning for Mains this year. He's been in NCO for 2 years and loves it! Fingers crossed...

Trumpetboysmum Mon 28-Aug-17 07:17:34

Ds was in the under 12s for the first time this year and loved it. He knows he might not get in again ( especially with the age changes?) but will be having a go at auditioning for the under 13s . He's sort of picked his pieces - he wants to play new ones I want him to give himself a break and play ones that he used for his exams and performances at the end of last school year as they are about the right standard - grade 7 and he can perform them well. We shall probably decide after his lesson next week. His audition will be much sooner this year ( the start of october) as he's away on a music course at half term - another reason for picking pieces that he can already play confidently

Minimusiciansmama Mon 28-Aug-17 07:35:07

trumpet one of each as a compromise?! We have one new piece chosen especially and one she's had a few months, though that was chosen as a festival entry/ potential audition piece.

Trumpetboysmum Mon 28-Aug-17 09:16:27

Mini not sure he did his grade 7 in July and has been away - on music courses and holiday since then so hasn't done lots of practice of new pieces , plus the new ones are a massive jump up in terms of technical requirements so it's probably better to play it safe ( then again ds has never done that !!)

Wafflenose Thu 31-Aug-17 20:06:34

Just bumping this for the last application date... hope you all have your applications in, folks! I guess some of us will start to receive audition appointments in the coming week or two.

Minstrelsareyum Thu 31-Aug-17 20:23:44

Hi. First post. DD is 11 and plays violin and about to take grade 7. Also self teaching piano, flute, ukulele etc.
We have been thinking of auditioning for this but the fees are just so high on top of lesson fees and borough orchestra sad. Her teacher thinks she would get in and might get a bursary but are these not means tested to low income families? I'm not sure how it works! We are on what you might call a "reasonable" income but after music costs etc., we wouldn't be able to do it. Anyone have any insight into NCO bursaries? TIA.

stringchild Thu 31-Aug-17 20:37:42

Minstrel - yes they are means tested; a significant number of NCO children get some sort of bursary. Do ring the office and they can talk you through it.

anyone missing the end of on line auction bookings, do ring the office and see if they have spaces - for some venues there will be places quite late usually (but not all so don't leave it if you don't have toosmile)

dd has decided to go with a new piece for cello but its well within her comfort zone rather than super difficult like she usually goes for; then hopefully one of her summer g8 pieces (although she doesn't like them apparently anymore...) rather feeling the lack of lessons at the moment - haven't had one since mid June and another month to go...

Wafflenose Thu 31-Aug-17 20:59:31

Goo hasn't had a lesson for around 6-7 weeks. I'm not sure when she starts back, but I'll email the teacher next week. She started thinking about pieces today though - she is thinking of choosing from Hypnosis, Syrinx and part of the Mozart Concerto in D. They are three of the five Grade 8 pieces she has been learning. If nothing comes together in time, she's got all her Grade 7 pieces which she could quickly pick up again (Handel Sonata in C, Bozza Aria and something unaccompanied by Stamitz). I think Hypnosis is a good bet, because she performed it several times at the end of last term. Tried and tested!

hapsburg Thu 31-Aug-17 21:53:58

Minstrels here is info from website re bursaries but if you ring the office I'm sure they will be happy to answer any questions.

Minstrelsareyum Fri 01-Sep-17 16:50:42

Many thanks!

Minimusiciansmama Tue 05-Sep-17 07:00:43

In case anyone hasn't seen

violinandpiano Tue 05-Sep-17 07:15:30

I just recognised some NCO members is "APOL" and get cheaper fee. Does that mean scholarship?

Wafflenose Tue 05-Sep-17 10:13:41

Was this at regionals? APOL means they are unable to attend that day. Lower regional fees are for children who receive bursaries. The two aren't connected. Scholars don't pay anything, as far as I know, and there are only two in each national orchestra.

violinandpiano Tue 05-Sep-17 11:40:09

Wafflenose, I see now. Thanks.

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