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How do I find what this is supposed to sound like?

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jelliebelly Mon 29-May-17 18:59:23

Pretty basic question from a parent that doesn't read music. Dd(8) learning recorder - music sent home to practice in holidays but I have no idea if she is getting it right or not! The piece is called Off to Somewhere - any ideas??

hapsburg Mon 29-May-17 22:02:49

If you pm me your email address I'll get DD to record it in the morning and send it to you. Is it the first piece in the Sally Adams book 'First Reertoire for Descant Recorder'?

hapsburg Mon 29-May-17 22:03:20


hapsburg Mon 29-May-17 22:04:14


jelliebelly Tue 30-May-17 09:13:41

That would be fab thankyou - yes it is that piece.

jelliebelly Tue 30-May-17 09:37:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

hapsburg Tue 30-May-17 09:53:50

Will do smile

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