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Would you give up if you were me?

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StillMedusa Thu 20-Apr-17 00:19:53

OK not quite extra curricular as I'm the person playing instruments and I old... but...

I picked up the guitar a year ago, (we have several as DS1 is a capable player) I like it but am making sloooooow progress... I'm too tense and stiff. I also started the sax...and love it. Of course I get frustrated at times but it is logical to play, my sight reading is gaining pace and I enjoy practising.

I'm paying for lessons in both. But struggling to find the time to practice both. I am wondering whether I should give up the guitar lessons, and just potter along with it using online courses (Justinguitar) and concentrate on my sax.

Pretend you are my parent grin and advise me please!

inarki Thu 20-Apr-17 09:46:48

If money isn't the issue I would continue with both lessons. As you said, I think, that you're making progress in both.

inarki Thu 20-Apr-17 09:48:31

Ah, and continue with the guitar only if you're still enjoying it. It sounds like you love playing the sax!

OdinsLoveChild Thu 20-Apr-17 09:55:03

If I were your parent I would say 'give up the guitar it sounds bloody awful. Sax is the way to go'. Does that help?

It does sound like you are leaning towards the sax anyway so go with it. grin

Icouldbeknitting Thu 20-Apr-17 11:14:18

There's no rule that you have to keep playing any instrument just because you once picked it up. If the sax makes you happy and the guitar doesn't then it's a no-brainer. Tell yourself that you can always go back to the guitar when you have more time.

Do you want me to write a note? Please excuse Medusa from future guitar lessons as life is too short to spend time on things that you don't love.

Wafflenose Thu 20-Apr-17 13:40:09

Does the guitar still make you happy? If so, then carry on with lessons. If you like it but can't find time to practise for your lessons, then just play it for fun/ teach yourself some simple things. It sounds like you love the saxophone though, so you should definitely carry on with that!

I am a woodwind player and have a music degree. As part of my PGCE (which included a lot of class music teaching) we all learned some chords and picking on the guitar. I enjoyed it, bought some more books and tried to teach myself classical guitar. It took me a year to struggle up to less than Grade 1, with my musical background. I just think the guitar is HARD and find wind instruments easy, although some people might be the opposite.

catshavestaff Thu 20-Apr-17 19:37:44

I'm a woodwind player too and had about a year of guitar lessons as a teenager and didn't make much progress - not used to reading multiple notes at once. Took up Sax as an adult and made much faster progress and play in an ensemble without having lessons now. Definitely couldn't find time for 2 sets of lessons so would suggest stick to Sax and if you don't play in a group find one as playing with others it what makes it worthwhile in my opinion.

Ferguson Thu 20-Apr-17 20:38:56

Guitar is surprisingly difficult for some beginners (though an adult may have more perseverance than a child).

Maybe, if you can afford it, try a reasonably good Keyboard, and teach yourself, as there are thousands of tutor books and on-line tuition sites.

(MN Search my name and Keyboards etc )

Mistigri Thu 20-Apr-17 20:39:45

If money is no issue then don't stop the lessons or you will give up completely.

Do you have individual lessons? I'd recommend finding a group class, so much more motivating for adults! I do a group class with a very good teacher - he's a jazz musician but we play a mix of stuff - rock, funk, soul, reggae. Depending on the year there are usually 3-4 guitarists and a bass player in the class, and we recruit a drummer and a singer for the end of year show. None of us are amazing musicians, but there are enough of us to cover up any lapses and we sound OK. I have even learnt to improvise guitar solos, something I never thought I could do! (And never would have done if I hadn't been put on the spot in a group situation.)

I'll never be any good, because I'm too old and don't practice enough, but gradually I have got all the basics sorted (know my way around the fretboard, can play all the major, minor and 7th chords and pentatonic scales in any position)

StillMedusa Fri 21-Apr-17 00:31:29

Thank you all for your advice!
I love the sax... although I'm old, stiff and my fingers aren't as fast as I want them to be, I get such a buzz and also as I seem to have a reasonable 'ear' can play along with most things I hear already.
The guitar is a struggle against my 'death grip'. I AM learning slowly but I don't get the same pleasure from it and don't feel I am learning more from having lessons than I could by myself at this stage. I only want to be able to strum along to simple songs.

I think I will stop the lessons for a while and see how much I do when not having to work on a specific piece for lessons. That way I can focus on my sax.

Madcats Tue 25-Apr-17 12:44:54

Have you got any music groups you can join? There is a big sax group where I live (and it looks as if they have huge fun).

Is your guitar technique sound (or good enough?). If so I would ditch the guitar lessons and concentrate on playing music you enjoy.
DD is learning the flute and I am astonished how much stuff is available online (in terms of free music to download/Youtube videos on technique and cover versions etc). I'm not sure her teacher was particularly impressed when she had to listen to DD's Super Mario music, but DD worked hard to get the rhythm right.

Good luck with the sax.

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