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Anyone know about (competitive) trampolining?

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Mumoftwoyoungkids Sun 16-Apr-17 21:47:41

Dd (just 7) has been doing recreational trampolining for about a year in a club. She's just been offered a half term trial in the competitive squad.

They are talking about routines for competitions and gradings?

Anyone any idea what we are getting ourselves into?

Am I going to have to be a "dance mom"? (I don't like confrontation so this is worrying!)

How scary is it going to be from a spectator point of view? She's just learning "back drops" which is a bit stressful to watch. Somersaults may push me over the edge!

Perhaps I should get Dh to take her - nothing ever worries him - I could do tennis with ds instead!

Fleurdelise Mon 17-Apr-17 16:33:51

Dd (9) does trampolining but she's not at competing stage yet even though she is doing all the back drops, somersaults, twists etc. She needs to get to stage 10 (don't know what that means, if it is an internal measuring system or universal across all clubs) to start competing, she's level 8.

Basically my view is that you become as competitive or non competitive as you wish (as a parent) I don't engage with the other parents except saying hello politely or asking info regarding if a class is running on a certain date etc.

Dd did ballroom dancing also and my experience was that because I didn't engage in conversations regarding exam results and competitions everybody was very nice and pleasant, the other parents I mean. A friend who joined the same dancing group had the opposite experience and would complain to me how rude the other parents were and how competitive. But she engaged in conversations about how many points her dc got in exams and so forth so I blame her. wink

So the answer to it: do the first competition and see if your dd likes it, don't engage in competitive conversations with the other parents and you should be ok.

Oh, and don't attend the lessons, I have heart attacks when I see what Dd does on the trampoline therefore I now drop off and run.

Mumoftwoyoungkids Mon 17-Apr-17 20:53:13

Sounds like you have this sorted! (Am amazed that you managed to avoid competitive parenting for ballroom dancing - I have heard it is pretty off the wall!) Right - so don't be competitive and don't watch! Sounds good advice. I can do this....

Fleurdelise Mon 17-Apr-17 22:33:44

Hahaha! Yes, I tend to just ignore, not engage in any "mine is better than yours" convos, and rarely participate in events such as Christmas dinners for the parents, I must appear a bit arrogant but I don't care, I am not there to socialise myself, I'm only there as dd showed an interest in the activity. smile

I didn't manage to avoid competitive music parents though, I have a couple that drive me nuts with endless conversations regarding which grade and which dc got there first, "mine is amazing because she got distinction" said in a passive aggressive way... I am starting to actively change the subject when it comes to taking about music and grades.

Good luck to your dd with her competition, once you know more details can you please come back and give me the details, it would be good to know what to expect when/if dd takes that route.

Fleurdelise Mon 17-Apr-17 22:34:42

I mean in real life, the music parents, I am on the music thread here so I hope if anybody reads they don't think I am talking about them lol

EvilTwins Thu 20-Apr-17 00:24:15

My niece does this. My sister is constantly driving her around the country for competitions and she (niece not sister) trains now for 10-12 hours each week. She's 11 and has been competing for a couple of years. Like any competitive sport, the commitment is huge. Dniece has dropped most of her other extra-curricular activities. She's bloody good though 😀

inarki Thu 20-Apr-17 09:44:11

I agree. Don't engage in the competitive conversation or gossip (sport isn't as bad as dance) and nod and smile politely at the person boasting, there will always be one.

Mumoftwoyoungkids Mon 24-Apr-17 16:38:27

Oh dear EvilTwins - the driving round the country is what I'm slightly worried about. Although I've presumably got a few years before it gets that bad as Dd is only 7.

Thanks all for the advice. First class is on Saturday. I will take my kindle and give off "don't bother me" vibes!

EvilTwins Mon 24-Apr-17 17:06:56

Good luck! With my niece, it started with local competitions, then regional, then National - same pattern every year. She got to National finals last year and the year before and is at the start of the process for this year, so I guess the amount of driving is directly proportionate to the level of success in competitions.

Dsis is pleased now that her older DD is old enough to stay home - she used to get dragged along too!

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