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Spirit Young Performers/Dance Company in NW london

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westlndgal24 Fri 14-Apr-17 02:56:54

My 14 year old DD wants to audition for SYP/DC in north west London. She's had 10years old ballet, 9years of modern and 3years of tap experience. She wants to attend as she believes the training the students receive is better then other after school dance schools in London. I'm not sure what to expect from the audition, as she's flexible but not got all her splits yet, as yeh girls going there currently seem to be incredibly flexible etc and she has a real passion for dance. If anyone's DD or DC has auditioned I'm interested to hear how the process worked, and if anybody has good or bad testimonials about the school I'd gladly like to hear.
Thanks you

dodobookends Fri 14-Apr-17 13:21:56

You could try asking on, there are a lot of people on there whose dc's are training in performing arts.

sewingjassy Fri 14-Apr-17 13:38:37

Not apushymum forum was dead last time I looked.

I think it's still worth auditioning without the super flexibility if the potential is there, OP

westlndgal24 Fri 14-Apr-17 19:16:46

I've read so forums on notapushymum and some have quite useful information but most of it was in relation to travel distance but as we live in London it isn't much of a problem for my DD and I

dodobookends Fri 14-Apr-17 19:48:22

OP, I'd never heard of it before, so I had a look on their website and they seem to focus a lot on musical theatre etc and loading dance clip videos online, is that what your dd wants to do? Also rather... er... on the expensive side.

Are you thinking of changing dance schools, or would this be in addition to her regular dance classes?

westlndgal24 Sat 15-Apr-17 11:15:24

They have two companies a musical theatre based company that runs on weekends that provides musical theatre and additional dance training, and a dance company that runs many dance classes during the week. My DD wants to audition for the dance company which would mean changing dance schools. The price is works out to be roughly cheaper then her current dance school and she is able to pic and choose which classes she attends a week which would help with gcse work.

dodobookends Sat 15-Apr-17 13:53:09

What's your dd's ultimate ambition? Is it for fun, or does she want to go on to full-time vocational training, and become a professional dancer?

westlndgal24 Sat 15-Apr-17 16:02:56

My daughter like most teenagers is not 100% sure what she wishes to do in the future, but no matter what way the training will do her good, she will stand out from others when doing her applications for sixth form or university. If she does choose to attend colleges such as Urdang or Italia Conti then the training and schools reputation will again boost her application.

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