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Talk to me about harps please

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donadumaurier Fri 07-Apr-17 13:54:58

Not for a DC, for me blush I played a woodwind instrument until I was 18 and did ok with it, but in hindsight I probably the wrong instrument. Wasn't mad about 'traditional' music for said instrument and could never attend school orchestra because of other commitments, never really enjoyed practice. Got to grade 7, so I have a decent understanding of music.

What I do love is harp music. Mainly Celtic stuff, although I would be quite happy with classical. I've found a harp teacher in my area who offers both and teaches adults, I've also just found out my financial situation for the next few years is going to be much better than I thought. I am sooooo tempted.

So please enlighten me on the costs of renting a harp/do you have to take it to your teacher's house for lessons etc and help me weigh up the pros and cons/talk me out of it if it's a terrible idea blush

Aftershock15 Fri 07-Apr-17 14:00:43

One of mine plays the harp. Look at Morley Harps for rentals. We had one at £60 a month for the first year, but this wasn't a full sized one. When we bought our own, some of the rental was offset against the cost. For 2 years we had to take the harp to lessons, now we use the teachers harp, apart from just before exams.

celtiethree Fri 07-Apr-17 14:11:40

You can also look at Telynau Vining Camac Harps for rentals, they will also offset some of the rental against purchase price.

A cheaper option is to join the Clarasch Society you can rent harps from then for £25 a month.

My DC took their harp with them until we bought the same harp as the teachers harp!!

Link to Clarsach Society []

If you are in Scotland look for your local Fèis organisation they will have tips and perhaps classes for you.

It's a great idea go for it - unlike the violin you make a lovely sound from day 1!!!!

donadumaurier Fri 07-Apr-17 15:16:25

OK, how big a car do I need for a lever harp, assuming the teacher would want me to bring it?

This is part of the appeal Celtie, especially after 7 years on pretty much the hardest instrument to tune!

Thanks both for the links. The idea of renting and then offsetting is appealing. I think Celtic music is generally played on a lever which means I probably would stick with a lever, not ruling out playing classical stuff too though.

celtiethree Fri 07-Apr-17 15:46:18

I would def stick to a level unless you are rich 😃. Trad music is great and there is so much music out there. My DC also plays some blues on their lever harp. For the car will you be travelling by yourself?? We had a completely impractical sports car and you could get a lever harp in with the back seats folded down.

jo164 Fri 07-Apr-17 18:21:01

My daughter has a lever harp on rental from telynau I think it's £50 per month. We can offset when we buy. Our teacher has her own that students use so no transporting required most of the time! We have a mazda 5 which fits harp in boot with 1 seat down and 2 kids in backsmile

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