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Chess for primary children

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Greenleave Sat 25-Mar-17 12:58:20

My 9 yrs old started her chess lesson around spring term yr2, she is now year 4. She likes it and progresses well. Recently she was chosen(among others) to go for few competition, there is one tournament today. She has 45 mins lesson at school every week and that has been it. We cant play and she doesnt have any other to play with. Is it worth it for us to learn to play now. In an usual lazy way, is there other way you support your child with this hobby?

Wafflenose Sat 25-Mar-17 13:17:07

Just get her a chess computer, or a chess programme for your PC! My two play as well, and I really can't summon the interest to play with them. It's great that they enjoy it, but I find it sooo boring!

akkakk Sat 25-Mar-17 13:46:57

look at:
put together by - very professional and well set up...

but also, why not learn - it is a great game

Jamhandprints Sat 25-Mar-17 13:48:59

Learn it! Get her to teach you. Then it's a lovely family, no screens activity.

Greenleave Sat 25-Mar-17 17:33:00

Thanks, I will try chesskids this weekend.

I dont know if waiting for us to learn would slow her down and if we ever good at it. She is already quite good(representing school then the council for tournaments etc.)

BettertoChange Sat 25-Mar-17 17:48:57

That deoends on how serious you are on chess. If you want her to play for fun, just leave as it is now. If you want her to be a national champion, then you need to find a good coach for her. I knew few kids of her age had IM or GM coach with them in British Championship.

Greenleave Sat 25-Mar-17 21:58:34

We are not that good, we only won 1 game today and lost the rest, some girls are very good. I dont know if we can ever be good, I could just feel she could do better if she has someone good to play with.

BettertoChange Sun 26-Mar-17 09:07:59

I believe you are very near to Richmond Junior Chess Club. It used to be managed by Richard James, one of the best junior chess coach for beginners in UK. Richard left RJCC 6 years ago when my DS played there. I understand he's back to RJCC now. He had a website called which sold to later. The RJCC runs few chess clubs in school locally and runs every Saturday sessions as well. It is a good place to learn and to play with decent junior chess players. Play chess could be very time and money consuming than music. DS can only play two terms in RJCC because of his music commitment is somewhere else.

Greenleave Sun 26-Mar-17 12:43:01

Oh Better, thanks so much, will google now. Its really up to her whether she wants it and we will try to manage our time. For now she really wishes she could have a chance to have someone to play agaist even once a week, someone better. I have never seen her playing to be honest, I dont know if she could be good, we will give it a try.

drummersmum Thu 30-Mar-17 13:57:28

Check out local chess clubs like the one mentioned. Don't they work as a drop-in? She could just go when she feels like playing with someone else.
Chess & Bridge shop in Baker Street is a great place to inquire about portable electronic options. DH went there and bought himself a Mephisto electronic set (there are many different types, can't remember exactly which one he bought but it's goes up to master level). It has lots of different levels, modes, etc. He can take back his moves, change his strategy, etc and get better and better. He takes it with him when we travel. If your DD enjoys chess, maybe she would enjoy a small portable machine.

Greenleave Thu 30-Mar-17 18:35:40

Oh, nice Drummers, will visit the place and see if we could get one, its a great option as then she could just play like a game(without internet). Thank you.

Sittinginthesun Fri 14-Apr-17 17:48:49

Just come across this thread - rather than leap into a private chess coach, best to find a local club that has a junior section. It is much more fun to play with friends, and they learn a lot from each other.

A decent club may also point you in the right direction re: tournaments etc.

Does she have an ECF membership? If she wants to play tournaments, other than school matches, then she'll need an ECF number, so that she can get a grade.

The ECF website also has a calendar with upcoming tournaments.

Greenleave Sun 16-Apr-17 21:16:41

Hi sitting: no she isnt an ECF, will google about it now, thank you. She has been sent to few tournaments via her after school club, they are usually full day which means she missed out her Sunday Orchestra or Saturday French and swimming and we dont want it. There are another couple of tournaments that she was told to go if she wants to however we will have to miss one. I wrote to RJCC couple of times however no reply yet, will try to call them on Tuesday. She loves it, eager to get better. We met friends couple of days ago and their 15 yrs old could play so they just sat down for it. We dont aim to get serious however its fun learning and getting better.

KingLooieCatz Tue 18-Apr-17 13:15:43

Ds likes Chess. I bought a book to remind myself of the rules so I have tried to learn so that I can help him. But he was better than me pretty much straight away, thinking a couple of moves ahead and setting traps for me. He would sitting reading the book learning strategies. So nice as it sounds to learn to play and have lovely family time, if your child is keen and able the ideal thing is for them to play someone who is better than they are and can teach them and that is not me. On occasion it is one or other grandad. I got an app on my phone but don't find it user friendly but now this thread has reminded me I'll look at getting him an electronic thing.

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