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BTEC First Level 2 Diploma in Music

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catlover99 Fri 06-Jan-17 16:07:07

Hi everybody,

Just wondered whether anybody had any experience of this BTEC or of BTECs in the performing arts in general? My DD (year 9) is starting to think seriously about GSCE choices and she is really wants to do this BTEC. It would mean changing schools.

Any experiences would be very helpful! Thanks

NotThrowAwayMyShot Sun 08-Jan-17 16:35:59

I'd be interested in this from the opposite point of view.

We may have to move DS to another school for SEN reasons (current private school not able to give the right support). Music is one of the subjects he enjoys & is good at but potential new school only offers Btec.

I am concerned the Btec style of learning won't suit him. He is a talented performer but not very good at project based/group work. Enjoys music theory & factual based stuff.

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