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Chances of a Music Scholarship

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11Eleven2017 Sat 31-Dec-16 15:22:07

Call out to all mumsnetters with little scholars in these schools
Trinity, Caterham, Royal Russell, Dunottar, Whitgift.

What is the general consensus regarding level a child has to play at? Some schools require applicants to be min grade 3 others min grade 4. Would a child grade 3 actually get a scholarship or are these set aside to grade 5s applicants regardless.

Also, what instruments has your DC played? Are some instruments more likely to be successful?

Also, has your DC played in loads of concerts prior to submitting an application?

I know... loads of questions... just trying to work out if DS even has a chance....
I have also posted this elsewhere... not sure where this would be best placed... so sorry for duplication if you have come across this same post

drummersmum Sun 01-Jan-17 21:42:07

DS was offered a music scholarship at Trinity (due to personal reasons he ended up at a different school). He was G5 Distinction on piano and drumkit but they didn't seem too bothered about grades. He had very little almost non existent concert experience but a lot of enthusiasm and a clear desire to learn orchestral percussion and be part of school ensembles which indeed he ended up doing at his chosen school. I loved the music department and the head of music at the time at Trinity.

stringchild Sun 01-Jan-17 22:10:25

11 - have replied in detail on your other thread, but just a thought - we found it really useful to visit the dept ahead of the auditions if possible, so DD could see what ensembles etc there were and also to establish a bit of a relationship. As with Drummers' DS, DD was clearly really keen to join in everything (and does so at her current school) - no point in having a scholar who doesn't want to join in, however high a grade they are smile

11Eleven2017 Mon 02-Jan-17 16:23:28

Drummersmum DS loves trinity. That would be heaven for him if he could one get a place and a scholarship on top... wow!

He loves playing music, will even sit for hours composing his own songs. Slightly worried about the major involvement in music activities as he is a somewhat intravert. Kinda contradicts the whole purpose of a scholarship I'm guessing, but he so wants to learn more instruments and improve on what he already knows.
I know loads of professional musicians like him doing extremely well in the industry.... is this something taken into consideration, or are they just looking for the extrovert performer?
Based on varies responses so far, I'm B eginning to question whether a scholarship would be right for him as the commitment appears to be quite heavily weighted to getting involved in group activities/ensembles ... hmmm....

11Eleven2017 Mon 02-Jan-17 16:25:54

stringchild would be a good idea to bring him along to see their orchestra in action. Would I just call the school and ask where they might be playing next or are there varies school annual concerts happening all the time?

drummersmum Mon 02-Jan-17 16:31:29

ensembles are wonderfully social which in turn make your child more extroverted, but you don't need to be social and extroverted to begin with. Lots of introverted musicians around! If he likes composing then that's a plus which he should mention in auditions and interviews, even show his compositions. Commitment is big although it very much depends on the school and the instrument.

onlymusic Mon 02-Jan-17 19:03:11

I don't think extrovert is one of the most important qualities. At the end of the day someone has to compose, play in the orchestra, etc. Can you imagine an orchestra full of extroverts? smile

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