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Happy Christmas to everyone ! Choristers you are nearly there !

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Helenluvsrob Sat 24-Dec-16 21:34:27

We've just done 9 lessons and they've gone back to practice for midnight..., I'll be off in a bit to bag a seat. It's been s looong musical week or two.

V proud that dd2 is singing as a chorister , dd1 has been invited back to sing alto ( stop grumbling I know you aren't a natural alto !) and dh is page turning and has had to go to rehearse too !!

Hope you are all having a fab time.

Toddlerteaplease Sat 24-Dec-16 21:40:06

In my next life I would love to sing in a cathedral choir!

raspberryrippleicecream Sun 25-Dec-16 02:09:11

Happy Christmas.

My Chorister finished a bit early, he had to come out of choir stalls to be sick ten minutes in! Poor boy. At least he had the lessons and carols earlier.

He won't be at morning service, but I'll have to go in for early practice anyway as I'm chaperoning!

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