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Piano Exams for a 6yr old

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Goodbyekittymum Sat 17-Dec-16 08:21:12

My daughter has just turned 6 this October and has just taken her grade 2 piano exam last week.
She started learning last year just after her 5th birthday but just seemed to fly through her lessons.
We practice max 20 mins a day,(some days she doesn't feel like it so we dont)
She doesn't have a problem with scales and is good at reading music, so just wanted to ask if she is naturally musical or does she just have good memory?
Reason why we did an exam was because she wanted a certificate like her older brother.

Fleurdelise Sat 17-Dec-16 09:47:56

I think she progressed really fast and she enjoys it. As to her being musical, her teacher can tell you what they think and if they believe she has a natural inclination, it sound like it but without knowing the child nobody will be able to tell you just based on exams.

I'd personally be careful with the exam factory, and I talk from the perspective of a DD who skipped exams, was grade 3 after 2 years of piano while other pupils starting at the same time with the same teacher were just taking grade 1, make sure the teacher is not just jumping from one exam to another and she plays plenty of other repertoire outside the syllabus to develop her musicianship.

In my view music is not a race like a sport, there is no finish line, I can see why parents and kids get into exam competition at the school gates given that the exam is meant to reflect the ability but not all grade 5/6/7/8 kids at early ages are indeed that level, and my "end result" goal is to have a DD able to play the instrument all her life rather than have a useless certificate 20 years later. smile

And finally, come and join us on the music thread, you'll find a home where you can openly talk about your DCs achievements without being judged.

Goodbyekittymum Sat 17-Dec-16 10:21:24

Hello Fleurdelise, thank you for replying.
I know what you mean about not making it all just exam based.
Her brother is 9 and started the piano at the same age, but took his grade 1 exam after 2 yrs, which during those who years played a variety of songs.
He came out with a distinction and had progressed doing a grade a year.
She finished her 2 fanny waterman books within 5 months. Did a few Pam Wedgewood Jazzin around pieces from the blue book, then tackled songs on her brothers grd 1 exam book. She skipped grade 1 as she had already learnt all her grd 2 scales by then.
We asked the teacher if she could try an exam and he said she could.
She was a bit nervous on the day of the exam but came out with a huge smile and said she enjoyed it.
She is now starting the Summer song by Pam Wedgewood.
The piano teachers had told me he's just going to give her different songs and she how she handles them.
Btw she loves playing Christmas carols too.

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