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ABRSM exam Nov 30 - anyone still waiting for the result?

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ridinghighinapril Thu 15-Dec-16 20:28:36

DD sat her first music exam on Nov 30 and results were due Dec 9-14 but we have still not heard. Is this the case for most who sat during this time or could it be for a reason specific to her?

superbaghag Thu 15-Dec-16 21:14:36

Also still waiting on result from Nov 28th

raspberryrippleicecream Thu 15-Dec-16 21:42:16

Nov 29th here. ABRSM have extended the date to Dec 21st though

Wafflenose Thu 15-Dec-16 21:47:38

Everything is quite a bit delayed this term, possibly due to ABRSM moving house at the moment. I know someone who received results from November 25th yesterday, and others still waiting from around that date.

ridinghighinapril Thu 15-Dec-16 21:51:55

Thanks all, that's reassuring. I didn't see that the date was extended until Dec 21 when I looked on the website this evening - hopefully DD is not thinking about it, she hasn't mentioned it and so I haven't in case I end up worrying her!

superbaghag Thu 15-Dec-16 21:52:16

Got our Nov 30th exam results already but not the 28th one. V frustrating

bluegiraffe Thu 15-Dec-16 22:28:41

Still waiting for result for exam taken on 18 th Nov here. Super patience required :-)
ABRSM says some results from period 30Nov-3 Dec are delayed for additional checks ( quality control etc) and they are aiming to get all those out by 21 Dec.
Trying to think of other things instead. Daughter doesn't seem too bothered. More excited about Christmas! :-))

Fleurdelise Fri 16-Dec-16 09:40:54

This came in my news feed on FB today (yes I am sad like that following Abrsm on FB)

Radiodependent Fri 16-Dec-16 18:36:39

Yes they are moving offices very soon and things seem to be delayed this time.

littlepinkmouseofsugar Fri 16-Dec-16 23:21:48

Oh no! Our exams were 1.5 weeks ago so we were hoping for results before Christmas. Doesn't sound hopeful...

ridinghighinapril Mon 19-Dec-16 19:40:24

Just got our results (a very happy result!)!

andantecantabile Wed 21-Dec-16 08:05:51

Is anyone else still waiting? I'm still waiting for 28th and 29th Nov here. Congrats on the result ridinghigh!

superbaghag Wed 21-Dec-16 10:34:35

Also still waiting.

andantecantabile Wed 21-Dec-16 11:23:00

Are you by any chance a central London centre as well superbaghag?

raspberryrippleicecream Wed 21-Dec-16 13:04:17

Also still waiting from 29th. And a long, long way north from London!

superbaghag Wed 21-Dec-16 13:20:38

Not in central London or the north sad

raspberryrippleicecream Wed 21-Dec-16 14:19:46

Just got ours. Happy DS2. Hope you get yours soon

bluegiraffe Wed 21-Dec-16 14:33:00

Still waiting .... for 18th Nov!! South East .... Can't even check online as ours needs to come via teacher :-(( ...

andantecantabile Wed 21-Dec-16 15:01:54

I just got mine too! Hope those still waiting get theirs soon.

ridinghighinapril Wed 21-Dec-16 15:57:08

Thanks andantecantabile!

bluegiraffe - we're SE London

bluegiraffe Thu 22-Dec-16 10:19:38

Yay! Email from teacher first thing this morning! Very happy little cellist for Christmas now smilesmile

superbaghag Thu 22-Dec-16 10:48:12

Congrats to you all. Still waiting here sad

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