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Which digital piano for almost beginner?

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mumonahottinroof Sat 26-Nov-16 11:58:02

Finally after 3 years of lessons, dd is showing some enthusiasm for the piano as she improves and can make something that actually sounds like tunes, so I've decided to upgrade from her pretty awful keyboard to a digital piano.

Can anyone recommend a good one for a still-almost beginner. I don't want to spend a lot, but do appreciate it's silly to be too cheap. Thanks!

INeedNewShoes Sat 26-Nov-16 12:04:54

Cheapest option that is good enough quality: Casio DP120. £200–£300. This is what I recommend to my beginner pupils. Make sure you get a proper stand with whatever you get (so solid legs at each end rather than a keyboard-style cross shape stand). This would do the job up to Grade 5 as long as she can sometimes play acoustic pianos at school and other people's houses. Also make sure she has a proper piano stool to sit on (dining chairs are not a good substitute!).

If you can afford to spend more a Roland F140 (£800) would do the job for practice however far your DD progresses (again with the caveat of taking any opportunity to play an acoustic piano).

mumonahottinroof Sat 26-Nov-16 18:36:54

Thank you. I'm not convinced she'll carry on for years, so the Casio will be a great start, really helpful tip re the chair and the stand

INeedNewShoes Sat 26-Nov-16 18:42:08

You're welcome. I hope she enjoys it!

mumonahottinroof Sat 26-Nov-16 18:47:38

Any thoughts on a Roland HP237? A second-hand one's on sale near me. The Casio you recommend seems out of stock everywhere, there's a CP30 but it's more expensive than the second-hand Roland ...

Ferguson Sat 26-Nov-16 19:10:56

I know students who have been very pleased with the Yamaha Piaggero range: the NP-V80 is the top of the range, and it's good 'piano' but also have all the attributes of a Digital Keyboard, so gives the best of both worlds.

There are several YouTube demonstrations of them:

Fleurdelise Sun 27-Nov-16 09:48:19

My opinion is that due to the lack of a proper instrument the progress has been slow, it is hard to judge if the kid has a real interest or not when all she had was a pretty awful keyboard. I'd be inclined to say she does have a real interest seeing she didn't give up.

In your shoes I would get the best I can on your budget, Roland, Yamaha and Kawaii digitals are known to be good brands. I would get the full 88 keys keyboard as she'll need it. If she didn't give up when she didn't have an acceptable instrument to practice on I would expect she'll do amazing progress once one is in place.

INeedNewShoes Sun 27-Nov-16 10:04:47

All the Rolands over the years have been pretty good (my favoured brand). My HP330 bought twenty years ago is still going strong and has a decent action and sound (my mum is learning on it now!). I've got a Roland DP970 now (had about ten years) and I love it.

I don't know the 237 but as long as it has the hammer action keys it should be good.

Trumpetboysmum Fri 02-Dec-16 12:55:29

We have a Casio celviano I don't think they make them any more but we picked ours up nearly new from eBay. it's not as good as the Yamaha ones that we tried out in the shop but it's pretty good . when we went to ask at Yamaha the guy there said that keyboard style with stands were ok but it's better to get ones with proper legs and fixed pedals if you can afford it and from my experience I would agree. ds hasn't been playing long and is already using the pedals so fixed ones work much better. Good luck with the huntsmile

LooseAtTheSeams Sat 03-Dec-16 13:38:27

I have the Casio as well - my piano teacher said it's nearly as good as the Yamaha and much cheaper! Having said that I think once DS2 has gone grade 4 we might upgrade, but that's not a bad innings!

mumonahottinroof Sat 03-Dec-16 16:04:53

Thanks everyone, have just received delivery of a CP30. After some heroic DIY by me putting the stand together, dd has been playing beautifully on it and even gave me a lesson, needless to say I was appalling. She is definitely suddenly making strides and I'm hoping she'll be really inspired.

Trumpetboysmum Sun 04-Dec-16 21:06:34

Great newssmile

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