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Badges on Scout uniform

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PigeonPie Tue 04-Oct-16 10:14:18

DS1 has just gone up to Scouts. Arkela from Cubs was adamant that he shouldn't have any badges sewn on his new shirt until he's invested but my feeling is that he was invested into the Scout movement as a Beaver and therefore should be able to have all the badges which are appropriate on and wear his necker when he starts.

What are the views of others? Thanks

MrsWombat Thu 06-Oct-16 12:49:35

As far as I know he should still be wearing his full cub uniform to scouts until the day he is invested as a scout. Then for that one day he will wear just the shirt until the neckerchief is put on at the investment. Technically a fully invested Cub outranks an uninvested Scout, or something! That's how it worked when my DS moved from Beavers to Cubs anyway.

PigeonPie Thu 06-Oct-16 14:39:05

Thanks MrsW. It's an interesting one isn't it? Made more complicated by the fact that DS1 isn't invested until Monday, but is going on a camp this weekend and of course, wants to wear his Scout uniform not his Cub one. My feeling was that he could have at least the membership badge, his moving up badge and the year badges (why oh why all of them!?) together with the district and county ones and that's what the Scout leader thought, but Akela is more strict!

scootinFun Wed 09-Nov-16 23:48:58

Old badges to go on his scout blanket. No badges sewn on his shirt for investing. These can be sewn on after the session. He's not technically a scout until invested as has finished Cubs and is waiting for Akela to welcome him into Scouts. HTH

I would check with Akela to make sure he's allowed to wear his Scout uniform to camp - I can't see why they'd say no, but it would be polite to check.

And if Akela has said no badges on his uniform until he's invested, then I think you should respect that too. You wouldn't want him to get ticked off by Akela, or to make a poor impression on him, would you?

I also tend to think that, if you join an organisation, you need to respect the rules and the leadership.

iknowimcoming Thu 10-Nov-16 00:36:35

Badges shouldn't be sewn on until he's invested as being given the group badges etc forms parts of the investiture, and re the years badges (I assume you mean the star ones denoting how many years in the movement) they should only have the most recent one on not all of them I.e. They should be replaced with the new one each year not added to iyswim. Just send him to camp in his plain shirt, with no badges on, he'll be fine!

PigeonPie Mon 14-Nov-16 22:48:45

There was a bit of a conflict between Akela at Cubs and the Scout Leader! It was sorted!

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