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Graded practice books for violin

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OverAndAbove Sat 27-Aug-16 08:44:11

Can anyone recommend a series of practice books for violin please? My two are "between teachers" and need something a bit structured while the school sorts them out but it might be a few weeks.

I'm thinking of something like A Dozen A Day, which we've had for piano and which works well; I see there is a book called ADAD for violin but it looks very different (not the same series?) and the reviews aren't great.

Any advise on what to look for? They are grade 2 and 3.

Ferguson Wed 31-Aug-16 20:46:52

ABRSM have publications to fulfil most requirements, so have a look at these:



This 'free' site might be worth looking at, and perhaps consider something other than the normal traditional repertoire; charity shops and 'car boots' sometimes have sheet music at very cheap prices. If it is around the appropriate standard of difficulty for your children, try music from stage shows, films, TV themes etc:


OverAndAbove Thu 01-Sep-16 19:31:38

Great, thanks! I hadn't seen those ABRSM books - the Joining the Dots ones look ideal.

I only realised the other day that you can get sheet music in charity shops, so not only have I got a stack I can get rid of, but I've picked up a couple of recorder books for small change. Yay!

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