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Recommendation for trombone for Grade 5 please

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Jude7219 Sat 28-May-16 09:55:56

Hi, I have to get my 14 year a new trombone as he is currently rehearsing for grade 5. His current one has been called 'beyond economical repair'. So he is buying this one as he has wrecked the last two we have bought him. He is adamant he doesn't want to quit. Obviously we will help him out if its more money. Every time we have to buy a new one I just don't know what to get for him. Any help appreciated! Thanks

raspberryrippleicecream Sat 28-May-16 12:42:52

What is he doing to wreck the trombones? I have 2 trombone players. DS 2 has been playing since he was 8. We haven't had any damage. I'm still hiring DS2s as this was his teachers recommendation til he stopped growing, as younger players can sometimes bend the slide slightly. Is that's what happened?

DS1 is 18 and got his forever trombone for his birthday,. He passed his Grade 8 on a hired Yamaha, not sure of the model sorry. I think they are about £750.

Have you considered a pBone? You can take Grade 5 on one.

Jude7219 Sat 28-May-16 13:49:42

He just doesn't look after them. I dread to think how he handles them when he's out and about. He loves playing, he's in three different groups as well as having lessons. I didn't think they could take exams on Pbones so thanks for that, that is definitely an option now. I just don't know what to do with him but I do know its his turn to stump up some money and maybe learn the value of items. Thanks for replying :-)

Sotaku Mon 30-May-16 04:20:16

DS has a John Packer which has a trigger. I can't remember the exact model but it was classed as an intermediate (which to me means not costing thousands of pounds). He's at grade 8 level now and it's lasted all these years. He also has a pbone and I recommend it too as a second instrument that he can maybe use when he has to take a trombone out of the house. I'm thinking perhaps your DC is dropping his trombone and the pbone can take that without denting like a brass one would.

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