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Recommend a drum teacher in Wirral?

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TormundGiantsbabe Tue 19-Apr-16 21:56:37

My son has expressed an interest in learning to play the drums, but I have zero experience regarding music lessons so I'm not sure where to start - aside from randomly googling, so I was wondering if anyone could recommend a drum teacher in the Wirral or at a push, Chester area?

Also, he is 5.8, is that too young to start lessons? What age is recommended? And would I be expected to stay during lessons or not? thank you

drummersmum Wed 20-Apr-16 09:26:29

Hello Tormund. I have a drummer in the house, DS (14).
Can't recommend a teacher as I'm not in the area, but a good place to start is the local music services? His teacher now is fabulous and local and I found him through Google, so no problem in trying that.
At that age he will disappear behind the kit but he can definitely start. It's good to have a few sessions of basic percussion on congas etc. Just playing with his hands, learning to count, the beat, coordination, etc. I would really recommend that before the actual drum kit, especially so young. DS had a group percussion lesson in Y1 and that's basically what they did: bongos, congas, snare. It was after three months in this lesson that the teacher spotted him as learning so much faster than the others, so he approached us and said he needed 1-2-1 and to start drum kit. Otherwise, we would've never taken this route. The group percussion lesson was just a way to complement his piano learning and satisfy his need to bang on everything. Little we knew.

Ferguson Wed 20-Apr-16 23:11:54

I played drums for forty years, and Yes - I would agree with everything previous reply said.

But I would also add that a basic grounding in music is also useful, and to that end I always advise an electronic Keyboard, at least 61 full size keys. Children can learn from a tutor book and there is a lot of on-line advice, so no need for lessons, to start with anyway.

A Keyboard like this has programmable drum kits, and can interface with computers. Around £300, or if that's too much, a 61 keys one starts from £100:

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