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Fitting in after school activities - 2 music lessons on one day

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Xantheticus Tue 19-Apr-16 15:43:18

I'm trying to rationalise after school activities into a couple of days.

Interested in thoughts on whether this is too much on one day after school for a nine year old -
30 minutes guitar lesson
30 minutes football program
30 minutes drum lesson

Is it confusing to have two music lessons on one day?

There's 30 -45 mins gap with maximum 10 minutes drive between each activity and the last one finishes at 6.30pm. .

Ferguson Tue 19-Apr-16 20:32:28

It does seem quite a lot for a 9 yr old, and after a day at school. I don't recall our DS had two things on one day, except possibly band and an instrumental lesson (he did trombone at Yr4 or 5, and later on sax). Football could be more 'relaxing' possibly and less like 'work', but my view may be distorted and unrealistic.

The guitar and drums are very different so may be OK; is he working on Grades, or is it more 'recreational'?

(I played drums for forty years - pubs, clubs, pantomime and stage shows, barn dances etc - playing in ensembles is the main thing for drummers - and he has plenty of time for that in the future!)

Xantheticus Wed 20-Apr-16 11:27:43

Thanks for the reply Fergueson. Neither of the music lessons are working towards exams. I think you are right - it's too much cramming it all into one day. It would take away the enjoyment of it.

cingolimama Wed 20-Apr-16 17:14:58

I would say no, it doesn't work well. In a few years time, when your DS has some skills you might be able to do it, but not as a beginner.

Why do you want to "rationalise"? Is it to ease transport difficulties? If so, you have my sympathies - sometimes it seems as if mums biggest role is being chauffeur. However, I think better to drop an activity than to cram more than one in a day. What you don't want is to rushing from one activity to another (completely different) one. There are very different things being developed within a guitar lesson and a football practise. Both equally valid, but imo requires a massive "gear change" between the two, which will take away from his enjoyment in each, iykwim.

Xantheticus Fri 22-Apr-16 14:59:33

Thanks cingo. I've realised its too much. I was hoping to make my life easier and have one more night at home by cramming the drumming lesson onto an already very full day.

The drum lessons only started 2 weeks ago and I hadn't anticipated how exhausting i would find it going out an extra night. It's only 5 minutes drive but it's fairly late and though the lessons are going really well, I'm struggling with the feeling that it was a mistake to start.

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