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is 9 too late to start gymnastics

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hyperhypermum Sun 03-Apr-16 08:00:05

DO is desperate to start gymnastics. Waiting lists in the area are very long & we've been waiting over a year already. She's pretty obsessed with it and spends hours teaching herself via YouTube videos! I don't have a clue but from what I've seen I think she could be pretty good at it. She's tiny for her age and very flexible. She currently dances but says she'll give that up if she can get into gymnastics.

bigTillyMint Sun 03-Apr-16 08:11:10

It's not too late - there are loads of different levels of ability/experience at DD's gym club and lots of opportunities for a range of commitment - from 1 hour a week through to 12+ hours a week. If she is small and flexible and keen, she'll be fine! There are also lots of different clubs catering for different levels, so I'm sure she'll find something that suits her. Whilst many are pre-schoolers when they start, it doesn't mean that older children can't enjoy it.

There is a lot of body-conditioning as well as learning fancy moves - gymnasts are incredibly fit, so anything that improves her general fitness, and core-strength in particular will help.

mouldycheesefan Fri 08-Apr-16 15:02:59

No you can do gymnastics at any age.
If she wants to be an elite gymnast then yes she has probably started too late. But for fun, she should go for it!

Jubaloo442 Fri 08-Apr-16 15:08:48

Not too late for fun, realistically probably too late for the Olympics. But fab health benefits, decreased risk of osteoporosis and general all round fun. It's a fab sport.

bluegiraffe Fri 08-Apr-16 20:34:12

Def not too late and I've read that Beth Tweddle didn't start until she was 8 ... :-)

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