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What has drama/theatre done for your DC?

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arabellaandbaby Fri 01-Apr-16 23:01:46

I'm considering signing my DD (6) up for drama classes which will involve two hours of drama, singing, dancing and theatre every week during term time.

I took her to a taster session recently and she loved it. I was pleasantly surprised. DD is a shy child and I'd like her to come out of her shell and have confidence to speak to, and in front of, others rather than feel self-conscious.

What do MNers think of drama and theatre classes and what have they done for your DC (especially if shy by nature to begin with)?

WhoKnowsWhereTheT1meGoes Fri 01-Apr-16 23:10:29

My DD started around age 7 and absolutely loves it (she's 10 now). I think it has helped her confidence, although that could have developed naturally. The best thing is seeing her on stage, absolutely loving it, singing her heart out. It's also given her a love of musicals, so we go to the theatre together a couple of times a year to see professional or other youth group productions which is great for both of us.

arabellaandbaby Sat 02-Apr-16 07:00:02

Thank you, Whoknows. A lot of people say drama has given their DC confidence. This is what my DD needs. She isn't the type to go onto the big stage as a future career, I don't think, as her personality is very much academic and studious and she shies away from the spotlight. If drama classes help her to become more confident in herself, then they would serve their purpose in my eyes.

I'd love to hear how drama has helped other people's shy DC.

Balletgirlmum Sun 03-Apr-16 21:59:29

Drama has kept my ds in school for the moment anyway - through a difficult transition into year 7. It's given him something he can be good at & has helped him make friends.

For dd it has helped with her ambition to become a professional dancer. She started off at Stagecoach aged 4 & now attends a full time performing arts school where she feels that she finally fits in.

corythatwas Mon 04-Apr-16 14:31:49

errr... she is auditioning for LAMDA today

not expecting to get in but confident that she can cope with the rejection and try again

it has definitely made her more confident all round, made her better at coping with things going wrong, has also been very good for her physically

FANTINE1 Thu 07-Apr-16 12:08:14

My daughter auditioned at LAMDA on Sunday. Tried last year, but didn't get anywhere. Hoping for a recall this time. This is her second attempt at the Drama School thing. She is on an Foundation course at the moment.
It is so stressful, I am sure you will agree. A few more to go, but it will be very tough. Rejection is very hard, especially when you get close, which my daughter has on a few occasions

Witchend Thu 07-Apr-16 15:54:51

All mine have been up on stage by 5yo. They love it. For dd1 and dd2 it has given them heaps of confidence on stage. My very shy 15yo will happily get up and sing in front of any number of people.

However it doesn't always work. I know of children who are sent every week and however much the leaders try to help they clearly loath performing and the attention they feel is on them even when they're back row of the chorus.

StuntBottom Thu 07-Apr-16 15:59:13

It has been a great confidence-booster for my DS2. He was never shy but, being just one year younger than DS1, always felt he was in DS1's shadow as he followed him through school and several out of school clubs. Drama is his thing, away from him big brother, and is something he can shine at without the feeling that someone else has done it first.

Savagebeauty Thu 07-Apr-16 16:05:56

She's currently doing a degree in Musical Theatre.
Started doing a Stagecoach type thing at 6. Suffers from anxiety and OCD and it has been amazing for her confidence. Got to grade 8 in singing..distinctions every time.
And she's having so much fun.

corythatwas Fri 08-Apr-16 14:59:25

FANTINE, dd is also on her second year. Will be applying for Foundation if she can't get in this year: honestly don't think she was mature enough last year (she has had a lot of health problems). Fingers crossed for them both! One more to go for us.

FANTINE1 Sun 10-Apr-16 23:25:30

It's so difficult. I am really feeling the stress at the moment. DD had final re call at Rose Bruford last week, but it was eventually a no. She is waiting on news of possible final re call at Central, and also of a re call at LAMDA. This is her second attempt, but i think[fear!] it may take another year. She will have to have a good think at the end of the process. Choice is try again next year or go through clearing to do an English degree.
The Foundation course that she has done has been very good, but unfortunately they have not taken her on the full degree course, which has knocked her confidence somewhat..
She is getting closer, but I think it may take another year.

PS The foundation Course she is on has been good. If you would like details PM me.

HooseRice Sun 10-Apr-16 23:28:52

I have an exceptionally shy DD. Her theatre group has completely taken her out of her shell. I suspect she'll always be a self doubter but she can now at age 11 speak and sing to her public. She is amazing at both biased moi?

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