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Method books till which grade ?

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mom17 Sun 28-Feb-16 07:14:48

and also would like to know which method book your DC's teacher is using ?

JiltedJohnsJulie Sun 28-Feb-16 20:43:06

What's a method book?

mom17 Mon 29-Feb-16 03:20:12

Instead of having scattered pieces from individual compose like bach, burgmullar, kavalevsky etc, few teachers use Alfred, Faber etc. books till grade 3 or 4.

Noteventhebestdrummer Mon 29-Feb-16 06:51:16

Which instrument? I'm guessing piano. You'll find lots of discussion about this on the Abrsm forum.

mom17 Mon 29-Feb-16 07:01:37

sorry, my bad. It is for Piano.

Fleurdelise Mon 29-Feb-16 10:27:11

DD came off method books straight after grade 1 exam. Now it is slightly more expensive as we buy various books to accommodate her learning but it is great to see the teaching is adapted to her needs, so she may do Bach a few weeks, Burgmuller and Czerny for technical exercises and now is will also do Bartok.

We don't buy books every month but every 2-3 months there is a new book. It does mean her music book bag is heavier though as they need to be in the bag every lesson in case her teacher decides on one of them.

As a rule the lesson structure seems to be a piece DD really wants to learn, a piece her teacher needs her to learn due to introducing something new, a technical exercise, scales and theory. Aural also from time to time.

MadameChauchat Wed 02-Mar-16 13:32:14

I'm teaching my son (10), who just got a music scholarship for a London independent school (sorry don't mean to brag just so you know his playing is ok!) We didn't do grades, but instead followed 'Alfred's Basic Piano Library' part 3-6 (after using some other method books) and I think these were absolutely brilliant. We didn't just use the lesson books but also the theory, ear training and repertoire books for most levels. The pieces are well chosen, from a huge variety of styles and periods, and with each new piece a new concept is being introduced, like a new key, a musical form, or different ornaments, and this is reinforced in the the theory books - it's all very systematic and well thought out. We did top up with some studies and extra pieces when needed. We have nearly finished the last book and my son is about grade 5/6 now. We both hugely enjoyed working through these books and I think they provide everything to produce well-rounded young musicians, can't recommend them enough.
I've never heard of anyone following a particular method all the way through though, we must be the only ones! smile

mom17 Wed 02-Mar-16 16:40:37

good to know that people are still using ABPL, I was thinking nobody likes and it is only DS's teacher who prefers it. I have read as various places that teachers prefers Faber's Piano adventure and Alfred Premier in favor of this as ABPL is position dependent. Here, teacher just uses lesson book and Nina Ng's theory, nothing for ear training. I wasn't even aware if books can take care of ear training, will do some research on it. Surprised to know that end of book-6 is grade5-6 level, I thought it would be around Grade-3.

MadameChauchat Wed 02-Mar-16 16:57:16

Yes, I know Piano Adventures is quite popular, I use that too but haven't got any further with anyone yet than level 3A. It seems that ABPL moves a bit faster though, which suits some children. The last pieces in ABPL are Fur Elise (not sure which grade) and C.Ph.E. Bach's Solfeggio which is currently a Trinity Grade 6 piece. There are a few nice Kabalevsky pieces (around grade 4/5) in it as well.

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