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How much should a coach matter?

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Chilver Mon 22-Feb-16 20:33:10

My DD is only turning 4 shortly and has done gymnastics and group swimming lessons since she was around 2.5. She initially progressed really quickly (with both her respective teachers saying that she had the potential to be really good) and in both is now in classes for kids aged 5-6.

However, as she moved up in each she seems to currently with teachers who just don't seem to be particularly good (not just my opinion - all parents in each class have brought it up) and not only has she not made any further progress, she has actually regressed: in swimming she just messes about now and her arm movements are worse than they were last year and in gym, she now won't walk the beam forwards or backwards by herself as her teacher won't let her (citing health and safety because of wall mirrors!!) so she now thinks she can't do it whereas 5 months ago she was practically skipping across the beam with no help, forwards AND backwards.

Is this normal to stop improving, or regress? I realise she is so young still but I want her to enjoy both and believe in herself - now she is losing her belief that she can do these well sad

Do we change classes/ clubs to try get a teacher she'll respond to again?

Inkymess Tue 23-Feb-16 21:28:50

I'd be moving classes. Both mine swim and do gym. They have never gone backwards. Mucking about was a sign to move up a level... We moved gym club when I realised DD was just cruising and bored as they said she was too young to move up and her new coach was not great. New gym. Ace very highly qualified coach had her progressing at pace within first sessions.. DS dong the same

maydancer Tue 23-Feb-16 23:15:57

I am a gymnastics coach and kids 'go backwards' all the is particularly evident with the Y6 pubescent growth spurt gang, but happens at any age because a change in growth or weight makes a skill feel different.
Having said that, the beam thing sounds weird.The whole thing about the beam is building up confidence, it is completely pointless to be holding the gymnasts finger as they walk along the beam.I never do this, if I have a nervous child I shadow them at the hips so if they slip, I can grab them, but mostly what I do is tell them to jump sideways onto the mat when they are halfway along and explain ' that is the worst that is going to happen if you fall'.f the beam is close to the wall mirror then you just lean up a mat against the mirror

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