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Which piano to buy

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CURIOUSMIND Tue 16-Feb-16 15:11:47

I read a thread about buying a acoustic piano, but can't find it. I just write down this to give others an idea, for your reference. Welcome to discuss.

Kawai and Yamaha dominate the practice rooms across the UK Music colleges and music schools. Some colleges have more Kawai, while some schools use Yamaha. Then they all have Steinway concert grand.
Both brands, like every brand has their range from basic (Ideal for beginner),intermediate( grade 5,6), advanced (grade 7,8)early professional(diploma), serious professional to concert grand.
For a instrument like piano, choose one you can use in longer terms. Ideal for beginner literally means it's no good for grade 5! (You may choose a cheaper violin for a start, eventually buy a very good full size.)
Yamaha hold the value better? Sort of, since it's a much bigger company, however, this is just one side of the thing.
Think about price.
You don't just compare price, it's a price and quality competition.
Kawai k300 and Yamaha U1 both present their professional entry level. This is comparable. Interesting, whatever the brand, there is always a technic gap between their ranges. Here, no doubt, both Kawai and Yamaha put their effort in to create their professional range. This is the range you will see in music schools.
Kawai K300 was called K3. K3 won PIANO OF THE YEAR for several years in a row, because of it's quality and price, innovative technic and beautiful tone. There are lots of reviews, videos comparing Kawai K3 and Yamaha U1, very interesting indeed.
A brand new Kawai K3(300) cost £4500, while a new Yamaha U1 will cost about £6000. Think about quality and price again!
How about second hand piano? Unlike string instrument, Piano is in it's best for the first 10 years. With very good care, there is nothing wrong with a GOOD second hand piano. As far as I know, music schools have their own professional teams to look after their instrument. If they can keep it in use, they will.
Some dealers are able to get piano from other countries. I have no idea.
I may have a pretty new Kawai K3 piano to sell, depends on whether I can get a good price to buy a grand piano. PM me.

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