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My DD will get her first violin today

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EarlyInTheMourning Sat 13-Feb-16 12:04:02

With a view to starting lessons in two weeks time. She's 8 YO, passed her Grade 1 piano last month with distinction, has been asking for a violin since she was 4.

Is there absolutely anything at all she will be able to do with her new violin between now and her first lesson or should we just leave it alone in its case?

No one at home is able to show her what to do with a violin, but I though if we buy the right book or there might be some youtube tutorials she might enjoy a bit of a play?

HumphreyCobblers Sat 13-Feb-16 12:07:15

Research correct posture! She could practise standing with it and holding it correctly.

Posture is key my dh tells me.

Have you considered finding a suzuki teacher? That is how my dc have learned and it has been a total joy. DS is taking his grade 4 in a few weeks, he is only eight. Both of them sound lovely, not at all like beginners

EarlyInTheMourning Sat 13-Feb-16 12:52:10

Thank you for the tip!! No Suzuki I'm afraid. Finding a violin teacher, any violin teacher, has been an ordeal. Your DS sounds amazing!!

colleysmill Tue 16-Feb-16 07:18:16

I started at 9 and I can remember learning very early on about what the different parts of the violin were,what they were called and what they did. That's probably an easy place to start given the internet these days!

I also remember walking round doing lots of arm exercises, however I may have just made those up!! grin

EarlyInTheMourning Tue 16-Feb-16 08:48:20

I'm thinking of getting this one...

colleysmill Sat 20-Feb-16 08:08:31

Looks good for a beginner! Did you get it?

EarlyInTheMourning Sat 20-Feb-16 12:46:41

I haven't yet. I am now unsure about the size. The shop measured DD as 'just coming into a 1/4' but then looking online, that's for ages up to 7. DD is 8. I'm confused.

simpson Sat 20-Feb-16 12:49:17

My DD is 8 and plays a 1/4 but she is pretty small.

se22mother Sat 20-Feb-16 13:54:38

Dd is year 3 and plays 1/4

littlepinkmouseofsugar Sat 20-Feb-16 16:22:20

Better too small than too big I think. Our (small) violin player is 9 and on a 1/4 size.

Does the teacher have any violins your child can try, so that they can give their opinion on the correct size?

colleysmill Sun 21-Feb-16 12:13:02

My first violin was a half at age 9. I wouldn't worry too much about the age, better to get one she's been measured for but if you're unsure I'd ask the teacher.

OverAndAbove Mon 22-Feb-16 05:48:00

It may be too late but you could always hire one for a while until she gets used to it; I would go with the smaller one if that is what the shop has measured her as fitting, and then change it when your teacher thinks she's ready, without wasting any money

IslaSinga Fri 26-Feb-16 10:46:58

I have 3 Suzuki violin children. I would say work on the bow hold and make sure that is 100% and then also concentrate on holding the violin correctly. Try to instil the correct way to position the left hand (talk about a mouse's hole between the thumb and rest of the hand / violin) to prevent the typical way of clenching the violin neck. Getting this right will pay off in the long run.

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