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Grade 1 violin?

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perfectpanda Wed 10-Feb-16 22:43:22

My dd (8yrs) is working through the first abracadabra violin course and is roughly half way through book 1. Out of interest, if she chooses to do grades, at what level does grade 1 compare to in terms of the abracadabra book. I'm assuming you wouldn't start working towards grade 1 until your well into the 2nd book, but as she has lessons at school I never get to ask her teacher anything!

Ferguson Thu 11-Feb-16 20:01:54

Hi - I've been trying to find more information, but haven't succeeded yet!

I didn't know the Abracadabra series, but I now see they do tuition music for most instruments, including saxophone.

They are published by A&C Black imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing PLC, so I can only suggest you email them, and ask how the series relates to ABRSM Grades, or maybe find a violin student 'blog' that has information.

I would also suggest you obtain some ABRSM music to compare, and encourage her to play from a range of music (car-boot, charity shop etc) to get used to a variety of material.

Noteventhebestdrummer Fri 12-Feb-16 23:34:01

Grade 1 is about the level of the second half of Abracadabra Book 1.
Some of my kids who have taken Grade 2 are still working through the end of the book and finding the pieces easy and fun.

perfectpanda Sat 13-Feb-16 10:57:26

Thanks for your replies. I was shocked at how hard grade 1 piano pieces were. I haven't dared look at the violin ones!

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