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Good sites for gymnastics tutorials?

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Bogburglar99 Fri 22-Jan-16 11:49:18

DD (7) is currently doing around 3 hours gym a week, including a 2 hour acro class. Absolutely loves it at present and does not stop practising. However I am at the other end of the scale where gymnastic ability is concerned. Would love to help her learn new skills but need to understand them myself!

Is there a good tutorial site? Key skills at the moment are handstand to bridge and the backwards kick over, and teaching her to leapfrog - she is great on the floor but a rubbish vaulter for some reason I don't understand.

Marniasmum Fri 29-Jan-16 09:21:17

I think the 'coach Meggin' videos on youtube are quite good

Vaulting is all about a good run up and then keeping tight.
handstand to bridge and kickover.Practise on the sofa and then gradually work down to lower and lower platforms

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