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The magic of the right teacher.

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Lonecatwithkitten Mon 17-Aug-15 15:39:10

DD (11) is musical according to everyone who has ever taught her music, instrument etc. I am not musical, but they say she has perfect pitch, natural tone etc.
She played the recorder for three years got on really well practiced etc. It was always a stepping stone instrument so after much consideration she moved to the clarinet did well and passed grade 1. Then the teacher immediately pushed to move on to grade 2, I asked to just enjoy playing for a while as DD had entrance exams etc. To cut long story short teacher wouldn't back down DD lost joy and I called it quits. With hindsight the teacher used to harp on about her musical ability and I suspect he felt she could be someone who had the potential to run through the grades fast if pushed - making him look good. DD is most not a trick pony and the harder you push her the more she will dig her heels in if she doesn't want to do it.
No she also is in musical theatre group doing two performances a year, tap dances and takes those grades every year practicing and getting merits.
Today we started with new clarinet\singing teacher and oh the difference. We have just come back from the lesson and already DD is practicing. Plan we are going to back of on clarinet exams (probably wait and jump several grades), but jump straight in a grade 4 singing (musical theatre) to boost her confidence ( she is more at grade 5, but teacher would like her to get really good pass at grade 4 to give confidence boost).
The added bonus for DD is that I have always said she can start piano once she gets grade 3 and boom she will be straight in there. Fortunately this teacher teaches piano too.

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