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Anyone know anything about ice skating levels?

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diplodocus Sat 08-Aug-15 18:05:17

My DDs have just finished their level 8 Skate excellence (which is roughly equivalent to level 10 Skate UK) and will be starting bronze skate UK in the autumn. I'm a bit confused - there's an ancient piece of paper on a board at the ice rink explaining the levels which suggests that there are two "bronze, silver gold" levels - one usually taught as a group (which is the one they will be starting) and one more advanced which is the beginning of competitive skating. However, I can only find mention of "skate UK stars" levels on the web - is this the ones they will be doing? And is this the same as the "skating passport"?

Their teacher also said in passing she thought one DD was more suited for free skating (mad and hurls herself around the ice) whereas the other would probably prefer ice dance (reasonably graceful and precise but risk averse). Would they differentiate at this stage (as implied online) or later?
Any advice gratefully received.

MsHighwater Sat 08-Aug-15 22:39:27

I'm not totally expert but can probably help a bit. After badge 8 (previously 10) of Skate UK, the skater can continue in one (or more) of 4 disciplines. Bronze, silver and gold stars are available in each of Figure, pairs, dance and speed. This is the passport and it is assessed by the coach. After completing gold star, the skater (in individual figure skating, at least) is eligible to compete as a Beginner level skater if they also join NISA. From then on, progressing through the ensuing levels (1-10) is done by taking tests and competing in Opens competitions. I think most do this by joining a club and getting a coach to work with. The coach can explain the rest of what you need to know.


diplodocus Mon 10-Aug-15 21:31:40

Thanks - that's very helpful.

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