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Gliga violin

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Worriedandlost Tue 21-Jul-15 21:11:52

Are they really that good? I read that they add at least 25% to the quality of the sound, is it true? Dd's teacher think it is not worth investing into 1/2 size (saying that she has a commission from buying violins to her students), but it is very tempting and they keep their value on second hand market so well... Any opinions will be appreciated!

hottiebottie Wed 22-Jul-15 00:11:37

We bought a Gliga for our elder violin-playing DD which did her fine up to Grade 5, after which she progressed to her grandmother's more valuable instrument which we had restored. The Gliga has now been passed on to younger DD who is doing just fine with it! Good value for money and a nice sound, teachers have always been happy with it too.

BettertoChange Wed 22-Jul-15 00:35:46

I spent 50 pound to buy DS's 1/2 size violin from eBay. It's good enough for him to pass G7.

BettertoChange Wed 22-Jul-15 00:47:10

It's a German made student violin. With 1/2 size, no need to buy an expensive one. Good string is more important.

maggiethecat Wed 22-Jul-15 22:51:27

I'd say spend what you can afford to get a good instrument - one that your dd will really love the sound of.
We spoke with the lady at Gliga and were considering getting one when it was time for dd's half size.
In the end we got a loan instrument - beautiful instrument and rich tone. Dd could always get a good sound from her student violin but the difference was stark with the new one.
Consider the joy to be derived from beautiful sound!

claireelisabeth Thu 23-Jul-15 17:21:53

I bought a new Gliga 3/4 size violin for my dad 2 years ago. It was a noticeably nicer sound than the Stentor one she had prior to that. She's now Grade 3 and the violin has definitely been worth it for us. I remember when we first got it her then teacher was amazed at how little it cost in relation to its quality. She then went on to recommend Gligas to her other students who were changing to the next size.

claireelisabeth Thu 23-Jul-15 17:23:37

My dd, not my dad!

Worriedandlost Thu 23-Jul-15 23:37:36

Thank you all for your answers, I shall try Gliga then!
And with good strings too smile)!

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