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Can anyone recommend a music summer course?

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pigsinmud Sun 12-Jul-15 14:04:23

Ds2 has just announced that the thought of 6 weeks doing nothing is quite boring (not even broken up yet), so he'd like to go on a music course. He's been on the Gatton one before, but that's Easter time. He's also been on the GAM one, but picked up a stomach bug and had to come home!

He's just turned 15 and gr8 standard on the violin - any ideas apart from GAM? I found a few, but obviously aimed at privately educated kids as they start before ds2 has broken up!

rogueantimatter Mon 13-Jul-15 08:11:24

Chethams do one for piano so they might do one for strings.

Noteventhebestdrummer Mon 13-Jul-15 08:16:17

This is good - at his level they don't do Suzuki repertoire.

BlackandGold Mon 13-Jul-15 08:29:11

Depending on what he likes have you looked at the Summer Music Camps at The Stables, Bucks; Cleo Laine's place. Our daughter went twice when she was a teenager and had a great time.

pigsinmud Mon 13-Jul-15 10:01:05

Thank you - I'll have a look at those suggestions.

pigsinmud Mon 13-Jul-15 10:27:36

Unfortunately, the Bryanston one doesn't fit with dates - we're away from 21st August - and the Stables one, although it looks lovely, will not be ds2's cup of tea! Nothing at Chethams.

I think it will have to be gam - he's rather scarred from the stomach bug!

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