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Me and My Piano

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chauffeurmummy Sat 27-Jun-15 10:50:52

My dd (8) is just finishing Me & My Piano Part 2 so I am looking for suggestions for the next book for her. I am hoping to change piano teachers for September so I don't really want to ask her current one (she has her last lesson next week). However she's full of enthusiasm at the moment so I don't want her to get bored over the summer just going over the same pieces.

Wafflenose Sat 27-Jun-15 16:16:05

If it's just for some fun over the summer, I'd get 'Really Easy Jazzin' About' or Piano Time Pieces, Book 1. Or Up-Grade for Grades 0-1. These aren't really tutor books - just full of nice pieces to play.

chauffeurmummy Sat 27-Jun-15 16:33:46

Thanks Waffle - sounds perfect!

Ferguson Sat 27-Jun-15 20:02:54

I didn't know these books, but I see they are by Fanny Waterman, so they ought to be good.

However, I HATE these gimmicky systems that resort to colours, or animals, to identify notes. IT IS NOT NECESSARY, unless we are dealing with a severely SEN child, which I assume is not the case. I am convinced, long term, it hampers learning and understanding, more than it helps: but this is only my own opinion.

ANY music, that you can find in charity shops, car boots etc, as long as it only uses the Keys Signatures, Time Signatures that she has already met, should be worth trying.

If you know the equivalent ABRSM level she is playing, then any of their Grades, possibly slightly higher, would also be useful. Their "Theory in Practice" series for the Grade will help her improve Theory knowledge, as it has written exercises to be completed by the student.

And for a bit of fun, this should keep her busy for a while:

ShellingPeasAgain Sat 27-Jun-15 21:27:25

Both the books Wafflenose suggests are good. If you'd like a more tutor book orientated route then Piano Adventures Book 2A and 2B would also be good. They have lots of fun pieces which the kids really enjoy but are short enough to learn quickly. It has a sensible progression and some theory included as well so ideal if you don't have a teacher until September.

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