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icma piano exam?

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littlehouseinthebigwoods Thu 18-Jun-15 20:57:58

Just wondered if anyone has any experience of the icma exam board? I'm a pianist and I did all the usual Abrsm malarkey. I started teaching my son last October but we both decided he would do better with a teacher who isn't his mum(!). He started with a lady at school in Jan and this weekend he is doing his grade 1 with the icma. I've never heard of them before and although there is a website it doesn't tell you what icma stands for.

The syllabus seems very flexible and I quite like it, and I'm pleased he has had a clear goal to work towards, just curious as to whether anyone else has experience with this board?

Ferguson Thu 18-Jun-15 23:07:51

I didn't know it, but it could be: International Classic Music Awards, according to one web site I've just found.

How old is DS? I don't think 'Grades' are that important for younger children; some find it intimidating, while for others it gives them something to aim at.

Long-term, I always feel ABRSM is more the 'professional' yardstick.

ICMA also do more on electronics and keyboards, and these days I guess the 'tech' aspect is of growing importance.

balletgirlmum Thu 18-Jun-15 23:12:21

I've never heard of them, they certainly don't look accredited.

I'd save your money.

littlehouseinthebigwoods Fri 19-Jun-15 00:55:18

I think it's ok for grade 1, as its just nice for him to have a target. But maybe for later grades I'll ask for something a bit more well known! He's 8.
Thanks for replying.

JulieMichelleRobinson Fri 19-Jun-15 01:03:41

Independent Contemporary Music Awards

Never heard of them. If it encourages practise and improvement, fair enough, but they don't even make their syllabus accessible online and definitely aren't recognised by OfQual. Mind you, Victoria aren't either and they are long-established, but we know who they are.

I guess ICMA would offer more modern repertoire, but my choice for that would be Rockschool who are recognised (UCAS points and all).

ShellingPeasAgain Fri 19-Jun-15 13:03:13

I've never heard of them either. OP as you say it might be okay for grade 1 but I'd probably save my money and have the teacher do a mock exam or enter him for a festival or similar to get some performance experience and a target to aim for. I don't enter many students for exams in the early grades, but when I do I use Trinity as it's more flexible than ABRSM, and for kids who want to do pop/rock exams I use Rockschool.

Like PP say it's not accredited, they don't say who they are, there's no transparency regarding the syllabus and requirements on the website, the pricing structure is weird in that the early exams are similar prices to ABRSM, Trinity et al, but the higher grades are way, way cheaper so I'd be concerned it's not as rigorous. Also they're advertising for examiners and the requirements seem to not be terribly high in comparison to the more established boards.

littlehouseinthebigwoods Fri 19-Jun-15 19:11:51

Thanks for the replies. That's a bit disappointing,I hoped it was just me being ignorant and that you'd all say 'oh yes they are great!!' I'll ask if we can move onto trinity or Abrsm for the next one..

JulieMichelleRobinson Fri 19-Jun-15 23:27:33

Or Rockschool, if the reason is the more contemporary repertoire. Or LCM who have a separate jazz syllabus up to grade 8, which I wish we could do here.

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