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It's show time

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Lonecatwithkitten Sat 16-May-15 13:12:56

It is main show time round here, one is already down and done (snow queen). We have three big ones between the end of June and second week of July with multiple performances of each.
I spend my time waiting outside rehearsals and listening to renditions of lion king songs, tomorrow and watching rehearsals of tap dancing.
Anyone else?

taxi4ballet Sat 16-May-15 16:57:44

GCSE time here!

tipsycat Sun 17-May-15 22:09:08

It's show and competition season here. Every weekend between now and July taken up with dance shows and competitions including Dance World Cup in Romania! Can't wait til Auguest for a rest!!!!

balletgirlmum Sun 17-May-15 22:13:45

I so miss show time, even the waiting round in Costa during rehearsals. I used to enjoy the buzz of helping dd get ready & I chaperoned too.

Now apart from the occasional " mum I need you to send me a 1940s dress" it's hands off.

I get to watch one show that's all & don't get to see her all week during show week.

MomOfTwoGirls2 Tue 19-May-15 00:30:31

Our big shows are 2 years apart. We are on rest year this year, hoping for a great show next year.

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