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Ballet mums - just wanted to share

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PandaNot Thu 23-Apr-15 07:00:31

Nothing other than a shameless proud mum moment - my ds has a place at Elmhurst in Y7 for September! Boarding is going to be a massive change for us but he's so excited. Just thought all of you who are spending hours, driving and waiting, with your dancing children might like to hear a success story of how it can pay off sometimes. smile

taxi4ballet Thu 23-Apr-15 22:51:55

Fantastic news, well done to him!

WheresTheHoneyMummy Thu 23-Apr-15 23:22:20

Amazing! Well done to him, that's a fantastic achievement.

dontmesswithmytutu Fri 24-Apr-15 11:02:18

Wow, wonderful! Congratulations! It's my dd's dream (fingers X'd for her next Sept!). And thanks for you for no doubt many hours of waiting around and supporting!

chauffeurmummy Fri 24-Apr-15 18:26:19

Oh huge congratulations to your ds!!

dancestomyowntune Sat 25-Apr-15 15:52:20

Congratulations! Dds friend is starting at Elmhurst in September too. Bet they will have a ball!

balletgirlmum Sun 26-Apr-15 14:09:23

Huge congrats. There have just been some extra waiting list places confirmed this weekend - was it one of those?

Dd has done summer school there & loved it - it's not for her full time as she isn't what they are looking for & it's not what she's looking for but she's at another big 4 school.

Are you a member of balletcoforum? There is lots of support on there from others who are in the same position or have had dc who have give through the system in the past.

PandaNot Sun 26-Apr-15 20:35:48

Thank you all, he's so excited. Yes balletgirlmum, he got a place from the waiting list. He's an Elmhurst associate so has done a couple of residentials in recent years and loves the school.

danceteacheruk Mon 27-Apr-15 00:05:32


Ledkr Mon 27-Apr-15 00:11:41

Ah, loveky to hear of a boy doing this.
Ds 3 went to White lodge, he's now 24 and a chef grin but he loved it at the time.
He still helps dd with her solos and can still do a massive grande jete!!

SevenEleven Mon 27-Apr-15 12:46:22

Fabulous! Well done to him! smile A little girl from DDs class has recently gone to Elmhurst associate classes. I hope it all goes well for him!

HSMMaCM Sun 03-May-15 19:38:51


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