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RBS Junior Associates - Leotard advice needed

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dancinganne Mon 02-Feb-15 13:35:46

My daughter is applying for JAs this year for the first time. We were planning for her to wear a bright colour sleeveless leotard, this being the colour of the uniform from the school she is applying. However, having spoken to a friend, whose daughter who applied a few years ago, she advised that a pastel, or light leotard is preferable for the younger children, also that they're required to wear a belt. So I'm wondering if her RAD sleeveless leotard, in pastel colour, might be preferable, or would it be advisable to buy something else entirely?

Tiny problem to fret over I realise. I did look for an RBS JAs thread first, however, there is usually a general thread around January.

Any other advice about the audition process would also be welcome! Thanks in advance

taxi4ballet Mon 02-Feb-15 19:25:49

Almost exactly the same question has just been asked by someone on the Doing Dance section of Balletcoforum! There is also a lot of other information about auditioning at the Royal Ballet School and elsewhere which could be helpful to you.

The RAD sleeveless leotard with a belt would probably be best if it fits well, and they prefer socks not tights. The audition is a regular ballet class, (they don't have to do a solo) and they will also ask everyone to do a few stretching exercises during the audition.

Also - the PTA usually have a stall with RBS merchandise, so take some cash with you!

balletgirlmum Mon 02-Feb-15 22:01:31

Taxi has pretty much said it all.

Yes they should wear a waist elastic & ballet socks not tights.

Most importantly your daughter needs to feel comfortable in what she is wearing.

dancinganne Tue 03-Feb-15 11:16:21

I've just had a look at the Doing Dance section (I've been a member over there for a while). Can't believe I missed that. Very similar query indeed; they're fretting about the style of leotard and I the colour!

Thank you both. Yes, will definitely be wearing ballet socks, not tights. Pink? I think.

Do you know what kind of stretching they're expected to do? My friend mentioned box splits and 'froggy' splits.

taxi4ballet Tue 03-Feb-15 17:27:12

Yes, pink socks.

Don't know what type of stretching exercises, my dd never did the JA auditions (at that time she had a teacher who never put anyone forward for anything and I never knew JA's existed!).

What I've heard though, is that they aren't especially bothered about whether children can do splits etc on the audition day, they're more interested in whether there is the physical potential to be able to do them with the right training in the future.

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