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What all books did ypou DC referred for Grade 1 and Grade 2

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mom17 Thu 14-Aug-14 17:12:16

I guess Grade 1 and Grade 2 are foundation grades and good foundation will take children far, so wanted to know what all books your DC completed/referred and What all things are important to have a solid foundation.

mom17 Thu 14-Aug-14 17:14:18

sorry for typos in topic subject. I wish there is an edit option.

Middleagedmotheroftwo Fri 15-Aug-14 09:14:00

They just used the grade books with the pieces they played in. There aren't any other necessary books, unless you buy a scales book.

RaspberryLemonPavlova Sat 16-Aug-14 10:27:13

DS's teacher used piano time series as a base for both of them, plus lots of pieces from different sources. Plus scale books as appropriate. Neither did G2, and only DS2 did G1. Both have G5 now.

RaspberryLemonPavlova Sat 16-Aug-14 10:32:09

I would have thought a good foundation was more down to the teacher than the books, tbh.

RaspberryLemonPavlova Sat 16-Aug-14 10:32:22

I would have thought a good foundation was more down to the teacher than the books, tbh.

mom17 Sat 16-Aug-14 18:30:02

True, teacher is crucial for any success/failure, so how many years
it took them from grade 1 completion to grade5 ?

RaspberryLemonPavlova Sat 16-Aug-14 20:05:26

Sorry for double posting.

I can't actually remember when DS2 did Grade 1, I think it was approximately 2 years

Both took Grade 5 after 4.5 years from starting, DS2 started 6 months after DS1 and took Grade 5 6 months after him.

DS1 started at 11 and DS2 at 6.5.

But actually, its irrelevant to how good the teacher is.

Middleagedmotheroftwo Sat 16-Aug-14 20:18:11

I would guess one grade every 12-18 months. But they don't have to do every grade, and it depends on how much practice is done more than the teacher.

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