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Brownie etiquette - is it possibly to change pack or is that a no no?

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tenderbuttons Wed 18-Jun-14 11:42:30

DD started Brownies at Christmas, and I don't really have much experience of what they are meant to do (one term of Guides, that's it) but at the moment it all seems a bit underwhelming. Vague promises are made about doing badges, but nothing seems to happen, and they do a lot of colouring. It feels a bit like after-school club with a uniform, really. It's certainly not encouraging her to be independent and adventurous.

There are a couple of other packs in town - and I know they have waiting lists - but am I even allowed to ask? Or do we just give up on it?

MirandaWest Wed 18-Jun-14 11:50:48

Of course you can change packs. Nothing's going to happen to you if you do (other than your DD finding a better brownie pack)

Hakluyt Wed 18-Jun-14 11:52:25

If she's a physical type child she might prefer Cubs. Sad but true.

Seeline Wed 18-Jun-14 11:56:25

Hakluyt It depends entirely on the pack concerned. Lots of Brownies do very physical things - hikes, camping, climbing, general outdoor games, cooking on fires etc. It isn't, and shouldn't be all colouring by any means. BUT a lot does depend on the leaders who willingly give up their own time to run the units.
OP - it is possible to transfer to another unit if for example you are moving or you can no longer make the evening the meeting is on. Otherwise you would have to join the waiting list at another pack if they don't have immediate spaces.

Hakluyt Wed 18-Jun-14 12:00:16

I know, seeline- that's why I said she might. In my experience there is a tendency for Cubs to be more physical, and Brownies more "arty".

Not a bad thing. Just means finding the best fit.

tenderbuttons Wed 18-Jun-14 12:08:33

Thanks everyone. I think Brownies is probably the right place for her, but it's just that this pack doesn't seem to be very dynamic. I've just been reading through old threads on here to get an idea and have only just discovered that we can do badges at home - I had no idea!

And I'm not sure that it necessarily needs to be hugely physical - although they have never done any of the things on Seeline's list - but just a bit more interesting really. I'll wait until the end of term and see how we feel after that...

Seeline Wed 18-Jun-14 12:44:09

Definitely can do badges at home! Have a look at the Brownie section of the Girlguiding website - there is loads of information there.
the list I gave is just some examples of things my DD has done over 3 years at Brownies, and much of that has been done on Pack holidays or special trips out. However, weekday meeting have included walks around the local area, cooking, various craft activities, talent shows, finding out about particular topics to create posters, displays or presentations in their sixes, eg stars/planets when they did their stargazers badge. Lots of games, singing, visitors giving talks on things like road safety, Cats protection, spinning wool etc.
Of course if you have a particular talent or interest, I am sure the leaders would welcome an offer of helping out one week - other parents may follow the example then wink

lottiegarbanzo Wed 18-Jun-14 12:47:20

Of course you can change. I did as a child, to a pack that had a dynamic that suited me better, though actually a bit further from home. I had to ask if there was space.

redskyatnight Wed 18-Jun-14 13:05:45

Yes, it's fine to change. I'm a brownie leader and we get quite a few girls moving between units - normally because the day doesn't suit or they want to be with friends.

Brownie units are very dependent on the leaders - why not ask if you can help out/volunteer ideas if you'd like to do more? Your current unit does sound a bit lacklustre. This term we are doing lots of outdoor things such as treasure hunts, archery, pond dipping, games with another local unit etc.

Our programme is actually very similar to that of our local cub pack which is not at all because DS goes there and I "borrow" the most interesting sounding ideas I think the leaders make more difference than whether is scouting/guiding - DS had a trial visit to a very dull cub pack that seemed to spend every meeting doing a nice quiet activity round a table DS wouldn't have lasted a second

DinoSnores Wed 18-Jun-14 13:15:44

The leaders make a huge difference to a Brownie pack, so a different Brownie pack might suit her better. You can speak to the District Commissioner (her details should be on the 'Starting Brownies' leaflet you were given when your DD started) about your concerns and asking if your daughter could be moved. She might be able to speak to the leaders of your current and potential packs and work out the best fit for your DD.

Groovee Thu 19-Jun-14 11:26:11

Whatever you do, please tell the brownie guider in charge of the current unit that you are moving on. I've had brownies come to me unaware they'd been somewhere else and some guiders can take things too personally.

Youdontneedacriminallawyer Thu 19-Jun-14 23:40:20

my DDs Brownie pack was pretty boring when she joined, so I volunteered to help out and organise the odd evening. 12 years later she's long gone, but I'm still there, and now the Leader in Charge.

nonicknameseemsavailable Fri 20-Jun-14 13:39:28

I think it does depend on the pack - we are only Rainbows stage but that varies greatly from group to group.

when I was at brownies I would go through the badge book, do the stuff I needed to do and could do on my own, go in and show Brown Owl and ask if I would be allowed to take the badge and then complete the rest of the bits. I ended up with 17 badges (the most in our pack) because I was rather overenthusiastic.

Groovee Fri 20-Jun-14 13:44:33

I recently had an email from a friend who was asking about the brownie programme as her daughter never seems to do anything like what I talk about us doing. It does go on the leaders, and I know from parents that they have loved some of the things I've put in place, like the buddy system for new brownies and various other things.

Every unit is different and finding the one right for your daughter is the important thing.

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