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Stagecoach Agency Audition - any advice please

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Tapamino Wed 11-Jun-14 01:50:09

Just waiting to hear if my daughter has got a place to audition for the stagecoach agency but looking for advice just in case they have a space.
We were advised by her principal to get her in, but due to several factors we will only have 3 days (actually evenings!)in which to choose & practice a monologue and song before the audition!

She is only 6 and loves acting/singing but def dont want to pressure her with learning alot. But on the other hand it would be good that she could do something which showed off her great expression.

I would be very grateful for any help/advice.

PS. She loves spike milligan poems & knows The gruffalo - wonder if that's any good?

Picturesinthefirelight Wed 11-Jun-14 13:41:27

If she is 6 a poem will be fine.

The agency suggestions are taken from the lamda & jean Marlow books. Have you downloaded them?

Also do go for a song she knows & make it age appropriate. They'll be wanting to know what kind if auditions to out her forward for her & people don't cast children to sing pop songs/act above their age.

They cast children in children's shows to play young

A short poem performed with energy & expression is better than a longer piece muddled through.

Picturesinthefirelight Wed 11-Jun-14 13:44:33

I've just looked at their 6-8 suggestions. They are quite tricky, go with the 4-6 option of a poem.

PM me if you want some suggestions.

Tapamino Thu 12-Jun-14 22:28:50

Thanks so much for your advice. I agree that the 6-8 options are a bit tricky esp with the time constraints. I haven't had a chance to look at the lamda & jean Marlow books yet but will for future reference.

In the end she was adamant that she wanted to do something from the Gruffalo as she loves it and it's quite familiar. I adapted it slightly but thnk its ok and she's naturally putting in a lot of expression.

She's chosen to do a song she likes from charlie & the chocolate factory. Not what I would have picked but she's happy. I may be wrong but have decided to go along with it - thought much less stress if she's doing something she enjoys.

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