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Beavers & Special needs Ds ..

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Sonumb Mon 02-Jun-14 10:16:05

Ds5.5 has Aspergers/ADHD & I have signed him up for Beavers in the hope he likes it , he starts on the 7th July and I'm starting to doubt whether it was a good idea due to his AS/ADHD will they be accepting of him or will we be asked to leave because of how he is (very loud, no sense of boundaries or danger amongst many other things) can anybody advise please ?

CaisleanDraiochta Mon 02-Jun-14 10:30:20

My personal experience was that Beavers (and Cubs) were far more accepting of additional needs than Brownies were. The best thing to do would be speak to the leaders before he starts, let them know what things he might have problems with, and suggest ways to help.

Also you say your DS is only 5.5, but usually Beavers don't start until they are at least 6 years old.

Sonumb Mon 02-Jun-14 11:28:13

They let them start after 5.5 where I am & he will be 5 years 9 months when he starts , I'll email the leader & see what she says [smile[

Pancakeflipper Mon 02-Jun-14 11:35:44

Our Beaver group was excellent but they found it works lots better if a family member was able to come and assist at certain events - just in case kind of thing. Not every week but particular activities they did (they are a very out and about type group). Chat to the leaders. I hope they are as fantastic as our group has been.

At cubs there is a child who has several behavioural issues and his father became a helper and they have the best time and his mother knows he's utterly fine on the cub camps etc.... (and she looks forward to the break..).

ToAvoidConversation Mon 02-Jun-14 11:48:24

Yes they will but please be upfront with the leaders. Depending on how many leaders there are they may be able to provide someone who is more focused on your son or they may ask for one (or both) parents to become a member of Scout Active Support (a few small training modules of about an hour and a PVG check). That way you can help when they are short handed.

Sonumb Mon 02-Jun-14 12:14:22

I have no problems at all with helping out & tbh it never even crossed my mind that I would leave my Ds their .
My Dm was a Beaver leader 20 years ago & I was a Beaver (first female beaver in my area) but that was also 20 years ago so we don't remember too much

Groovee Mon 16-Jun-14 07:54:27

My son's scout group are very accepting of addtional needs. One leader has a son who has Aspergers, another one is a respite carer for children with complex needs (usually in wheelchairs with a lot of care needed) and another one has a child with learning difficulties. One leader told me the reason she had ended up a leader was to say thanks for all the support her son got as no other group would take them.

Go along and prepare to stay the first night and it gives you time to see if the group is for your son and how accepting the leaders will be.

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