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best Piano for 7 year old

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partymum Sun 27-Apr-14 17:30:23

can anyone recommend a starter piano ? We are about to start lessons and haven;t got one at home. I was thinking about getting a digital piano mainly because i think it wold take up less space. I don't want to spend a fortune but I was thinning that if it comes to it we cold hire a piano and see if we manage to make it more than a few months through the lessons. Having said that I would;t mind trying my had at it again as I haven;t played since i was about 15. Any help/experience would be appreciated.

JulieMichelleRobinson Sun 27-Apr-14 22:55:49


Yamaha Arius series are good for beginners, except the very cheapest which are touch sensitive but don't have the proper piano action that the next models up. They aren't quite as good as the Clavinova series (also from Yamaha) but you can get one for £500 or so.

The Casio CDP series is worth a look, and some Korg and Roland models (make sure you're looking for digital pianos, not keyboards).

Yamaha make more 'portable' editions than the Arius, I just prefer a piano-look to my digitals - I sometimes use a very old Clavinova for teaching purposes, when I have to use my upstairs studio, and it has the advantage that I can put headphones on an play late in the evening.

JulieMichelleRobinson Sun 27-Apr-14 22:56:04

Ouch, grammar!

DameAuxCamelias Sun 27-Apr-14 23:05:04

We got our first piano through freecycle, when my DCs began learning at the same age. After a year and they were going to continue with lessons we bought a second hand Yamaha U1. The old piano was successfully passed on and used.

Local music shops hire out pianos and the cost doesn't seem unreasonable, a local shop to us gives you the option to buy after 6 months etc.

partymum Thu 08-May-14 11:47:17

thanks - I really was hoping to spend around £300 - what's the difference between a digital piano and a keyboard (sorry if this is stupid question)

JulieMichelleRobinson Fri 09-May-14 00:08:50


A cheap keyboard will have:
a) smaller keys than a piano
b) fewer keys than a piano
c) annoying springy keys
d) no ability to control dynamics (volume etc.) with the fingers
e) lots of different sounds but not necessarily good quality samples

More expensive keyboards will have:
a) full sized keys (not necessarily, depends what it's made for)
b) up to 88 keys (as many as a piano)
c) light keys, possibly with graded weight but not as heavy as on a piano
d) touch sensitivity to a greater or lesser degree, possibly with the ability to switch it on or off
e) lots of different sounds, better quality samples, various backings, recording facilities, MIDI compatability, USB port... etc.

A cheapish digital piano will have:
a) full sized keys
b) 88 keys like a piano
c) keys that are heavier to the touch, with hammer action and on better models graded hammer action to feel like an acoustic piano
d) on the cheapest models, only a limited number of voices you can choose from (e.g. Yamaha P-30 has something like ten) but you can buy more expensive models that also have the usual 'keyboard' facilities.

Basically, a digital piano specialises in sounding like a good piano and feeling like a piano. From the student's point of view, the most obvious difference is the heavier keys. It will be heavier to carry around because the keys are weighted, usually with hammer action like in a piano, and on the cheaper end it may not do all the whizzy things a keyboard can do. There are hybrids in both directions - e.g. Yamaha do the "Piaggero" series which is more piano-oriented but light like a keyboard; and they make their Clavinovas in two series, CLP which are piano-oriented and CVP which have additional functionalities, sounds, backing tracks etc.

JulieMichelleRobinson Fri 09-May-14 00:10:32

FWIW, I accept beginning students who only have keyboards, though many teachers don't, but I encourage them to at least acquire something with weighted keys asap. One of my students has been saving her pocket money for a year and can nearly afford it.

Fram Fri 09-May-14 00:16:07

I recommend going the same way as Dame- get one from anywhere you can until you know they're going to stick at it. Then buy the best you can afford! grin

JulieMichelleRobinson Fri 09-May-14 01:29:16

£300 won't get you much. Fact.

StarDustInTheWind Sat 10-May-14 08:50:47

Look on Gumtree - decent digital pianos are often sold on for the £100-£200 price bracket.....

We have a Yamaha, weighted keys one which we will sell on at that price in a year or so... DD has got Grade4 exam this term and sadly cannot see the digital one getting her through much more....

hippppy Fri 23-May-14 12:07:43

As she is a beginner £300 will get you a decent enough piano. I've got a Bently that cost £100 and its fine! It's a small piano but the keys are still full size. It's short of an octave but a beginner wouldn't miss that. eBay is pretty good or even freecycle. When you view make sure all the keys work and you want an iron frame not wooden.

I've been playing the piano since I was 7 and have had many over the years. I don't think I've ever had one worth over £300! Obviously if she keeps it up when she gets a bit better you can upgrade.

I wouldn't buy one without viewing.. Good luck smile

letsgomaths Fri 23-May-14 12:10:03

I got a Roland digital piano on Gumtree, for £300. (Would have cost several thousand pounds new.)

CoteDAzur Fri 23-May-14 12:19:55

Look into renting a piano for a year before you buy something, if that makes you feel better.

We have a Hoffmann piano that we are "renting" for 2 years (if we want to give it back at the end of this time) or buying over 5 years (if we keep it).

We also have a Korg keyboard that only works as a piano (no recording functions, nothing terribly fancy, but has the same key size & 'feel' as the piano) that cost about 350 pounds.

Flexly Mon 26-May-14 11:00:29

I got an upright mahogany piano from eBay for £80, with a little more for delivery. It's in tune and has a wonderful warm tone. I've played for 30 years so it's great now to see my DD loving learning. Personally I would steer clear of keyboards for now.

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