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Help with ballet shoes

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Trickybottom Sat 26-Apr-14 17:10:41

My dd is about to do her first ballet solo at festival, she has a white tutu and I'm confused what colour satin ballet shoes to get. Our dance school just requires white leather but there is nothing set for festivals. My fiend said pink satin is the norm. But another friend said that is the RAD standard which our dance school is not a part off. I want to get it right or doesn't it matter. Many thanks for any help

Trickybottom Sat 26-Apr-14 17:14:18

I forgot to ask does she need ribbons aswell??

Picturesinthefirelight Sat 26-Apr-14 18:07:17

Whatever matches he costume

Dd used to do RAD & wore pink leather but the children wore satin for performances as they look nicer & flatter the foot more

She now wears split sole canvas as they enhance the arch

I would go with pink satin.

JulieMichelleRobinson Sun 27-Apr-14 14:12:14

How old? Options would be pink satin (cute for young girls), white satin, or pink satin chamomiled (makes it whiter and not shiny) depending on her age - or if she's wearing white, her white leather shoes might be fine. If ribbons, use pointe shoe ribbon not shiny/satin stuff. I don't think there are any rules - it just needs to go with the costume.

devoniandarling Sun 27-Apr-14 18:46:45

My dd2 has a white tutu and wears pink satin with elastics and pink ballet socks. She is four.

However with a white tutu some would say white satin and white shoes. It doesn't really matter.

Dd1 has always worn pink satin for ballet solos, her (current) tutu is white net with a mint green satin overlay and bodice. She now wears tights and ribbons, at the age of 11, but wore elastics and socks until she was approximately ten.

I would advise against split sole ballet shoes as they can make dancers lazy, as they don't need to point their toes and stretch their feet as much in them. They do make for strong ballet technique in little ones. They also accentuate any sickles or rolling of the feet. Dd1's teacher does not allow split soles for class or exams but dd1 does occasionally wear them for festivals as do most of her peers.

Dancergirl Fri 02-May-14 23:50:47

My dd used to wear a white tutu and had pink satin ballet shoes. Don't think you can go wrong with pink satin!

Good luck to your dd, which festivals is she doing?

HSMMaCM Sat 03-May-14 18:27:05

DD wore white with her white tutu, but could have worn pink. I agree with using pointe shoe ribbon if you go for pink, but little ones don't have to have ribbon.

JulieMichelleRobinson Sat 03-May-14 21:14:58

The reason for pointe shoe ribbon is that it stays done up better - the shiny stuff looks pretty but doesn't stay put!

If she's little, there's nothing wrong with using elastics - preferably white if the socks are white, pink if the socks are pink.

Older girls at the local school are usually asked to chamomile their shoes for shows etc. but the shiny satin looks cute on littles. For solos, they wear what matches the outfit - which could mean what they normally wear, but has been known to include green pointe shoes.

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