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Nothing Else Matters by Metallica - Piano sheet music

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IDugUpADiamond Sat 05-Apr-14 15:51:28

Hi all. I am looking for the piano sheet music of Nothing Else Matters by Metallica.

I have looked in all the obvious places but lacking musical knowledge, it is difficult to assess the level it is aimed for. Ideally I would like it to be no more than 3 pages long and for an abrsm grade 4/5 - definitely no more complicated than that.

Of course if anyone can send me the piece I'll be very happy to pay.

Please don't ask me if I've looked here or there, I've looked EVERYWHERE! smile


JimmyCorkhill Sat 05-Apr-14 16:07:13

Is this any good?

AMAZING song btw grin

IDugUpADiamond Sat 05-Apr-14 16:57:26

Hi Jimmy, thanks so much but I am afraid it is 8 pages long. This is for my 9YO DS. He won't make it passed the 3rd page.

JimmyCorkhill Sat 05-Apr-14 18:47:58

Sorry, I know nothing about playing the piano. I just clicked on your thread because the song is awesome. What fab taste your son has!

This is only 3 pages long. But as I said, I am clueless about the piano so don't know if this is hard to play or not.

I'll stop offering now. Hope you find what you're looking for smile

JulieMichelleRobinson Sat 05-Apr-14 23:07:59

I'd say that's easier than grade 5, so he can probably learn it without much help, but the octaves might be hard to play depending on his hand size, in which case just play one of the notes in the left hand octave bits.

IDugUpADiamond Mon 07-Apr-14 07:37:25

I think this version might just be the thing! Thank you both so much!!thanks

JimmyCorkhill Mon 07-Apr-14 08:00:57


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