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art clubs for 7-11 yr olds: costs + would you want arts award accreditation?

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katew123 Wed 12-Mar-14 17:08:35

I'm starting up arts/craft clubs for 7-11 year olds in my local community centre in East London and just wanted to find out from some parents what would be a reasonable price for a 2 hour session after school?

Also would you pay £2 extra per session to have the workshops structured around the arts award (a nationally recognised arts accreditation)? More info about arts award here:

I'm a registered arts award advisor so I thought I may as well involve this part if parents saw it as useful!

Would appreciate any input as I'm new to doing this by myself!

Neverland2013 Thu 13-Mar-14 00:48:15

I would recommend to check 'Red Doors, E6' they run various workshops and usually charge around £6-£8 per session.

cingolimama Mon 17-Mar-14 10:09:23

Personally, I wouldn't care a jot about an arts award. I would be happy to pay up to £15 per session IF you were teaching an actual skill (like drawing). If it's just craft stuff then I probably wouldn't be interested but I would expect to pay much less, say £6.

Just to give you my input: I've been trying to find an art class (not a craft workshop, or scrap art class) that actually teaches skills. I think learning how to draw is incredibly important part of a young person's education, and they don't generally get taught this at school. While there's loads of crafty-type stuff available, there really is very little provision for Art, particularly developing drawing skills. Please consider, and let me know if you start anything up. Good luck!

MaddAddam Thu 20-Mar-14 22:10:41

My dc go to 3 different art clubs, we pay various amounts. £5 for a 2 hr session at the local art gallery. Free for the school club. £5 for 5 hrs for a craft/art/sewing club. £12 for 3 hr holiday sessions.

Round here (not in the London/SE area) I'd pay £5-6 for a 2 hr weekly session, probably not more, and I haven't heard of the arts accreditation award so probably wouldn't pay more for that.

What we've found a bit hard to find is classes/clubs that go beyond the basics, as my dc have done a lot of art and craft and are capable of fairly complex things and most sessions/clubs are bit unchallenging as they get more skilled, so I hunt out clubs that teach them new techniques or expand their knowledge.

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