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IDTA ballet grades and minimum ages? And question about dancing at different ballet schools.

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relativeclause Sat 08-Feb-14 14:53:50

And how they compare to RAD, please. I can't seem to find this info on their website (though may have missed it). Many thanks in advance

We're potentially going to have to move one or more of our children to an IDTA class you see, and have only ever been familiar with RAD syllabus for ballet.

Also, the new IDTA class may be in addition to their RAD classes. Has anybody found this sort of thing problematic, dancing at two different schools under a different syllabus?

Sparklymommy Sun 09-Feb-14 21:35:51

My daughter has danced since the age of two.

She did RAD primary and Grade 1 exams and then our dance school decided to try IDTA so she then took IDTA grades 2, 3 & 4. She took RAD grade three alone after half a dozen private lessons as she wanted to enter the Genee competition (RAD Grade 3 was a minimum requirement) and took RAD grade 4 last year after studying it as extra for a year. She also took her RAD Grade 5 in November as our dance school goes back to RAD at Grade 5, due to the importance our head places on the character work (which isn't examined in IDTA). She has also followed the ISTD syllabus in extra classes for variation.

In my experience, IDTA are cheaper (about half the price!) and my dd has received higher exam results under the IDTA syllabus as they don't appear to mark down on shape. Whatever anyone says, Ime the RAD do place a lot of importance on looking classical. That said dd has always done well in all her exams.

With regards to going to a different school, I would check with your teacher that this is allowed. Many schools don't allow it.

pasdechat Mon 10-Feb-14 10:14:53

I think these are the minimum ages for ballet exams? I think there (or were) are fewer grades than RAD

Prep 5
Primary 7
Grade 1 8
Grade 2 9
Grade 3 10
Grade 4 11
Grade 5 12

There might be subtle difference between the two syllabuses, whether problematic I don't know

Sparklymommy Mon 10-Feb-14 13:58:16

I'm not convinced you have those age limits correct pasdechat . My sons both took Primary age 6, and ds1 has recently taken grade 1 aged 7.

Our dance school like them to be 6 before they take primary, but we have had five year olds take it.

IDTA also have awards, rosettes (for ages 3-8) and Stardance awards (ages 8-12). They are quite good fun and less pressure than grade exams. Dd1 took all 12 rosettes, and is now halfway through the StRdance awards!

AmeliaPeabody Tue 18-Nov-14 23:15:53

This is an old thread, but might help somebody.
Age qualification for IDTA ballet:

Preparatory - 4
Primary - 5
Grades 1-5 - 7
Classical Ballet Award I - 12
Classical Ballet Award II - 13

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