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Royal ballet school junior associates

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MaisyMoo123 Wed 08-Jan-14 22:25:30

Hi, have raised this on a different thread but thought I'd start a new one specifically on this topic. My 8 yr old dd's ballet teacher has suggested that she audition for the royal ballet school junior associates programme. I'm really not sure what to make of it. Clearly we're very proud of dd as she's obviously showing some promise and I can see it would be an amazing opportunity but it also fills me with fear as it is a completely alien world to me and one I'm sure would be viciously competitive and require huge time and financial commitment. honest! Has anybody got any experience of this? I'd really welcome views and opinions to help me get my head round it! Thanks!

littlehygge Thu 22-Jun-17 09:44:25

London results out now, apparently!

littlehygge Sun 18-Jun-17 08:43:53

Especially glad to hear that as that's the first girl I've heard of this time being offered a place, so far, who isn't a competition dancer!

NicolaP17 Fri 16-Jun-17 19:57:42

Thank you littlehygge x x

littlehygge Fri 16-Jun-17 13:06:47

Many congratulations, Nicola!

NicolaP17 Fri 16-Jun-17 12:42:55

Thank you BOBM1 🤗 I'm still in shock x

BOBM1 Fri 16-Jun-17 12:10:41

Fantastic news NicolaP17 x x

NicolaP17 Fri 16-Jun-17 11:53:31

We've heard 😁 And my daughter got a place in Totnes centre junior associates! She is going to be thrilled it was her first time auditioning, she has never taken a ballet exam and only been dancing for one year... good luck to everyone else with results coming out today and next week 👍 Xx

NicolaP17 Thu 15-Jun-17 18:39:59

Oh how exciting, thank you 😬 Xx

littlehygge Thu 15-Jun-17 18:22:10

Some people are predicting tomorrow for Totnes results, next week for London.
Good luck!

NicolaP17 Thu 15-Jun-17 15:39:18

Hi there, I was wondering if anyone new when the Totnes results were coming out? It is my daughters first time auditioning for the JA's she auditioned the middle of May.. good luck everyone x

littlehygge Wed 14-Jun-17 14:55:09

No, he's not, thank you Lexie. We prepared him for a no. Reassuring that others had two no responses before being offered a place (well done to BOB's DS).
One of my other children got SWL (not this year), but decided not to audition for RB/JAs again. DS hopes to gain more experience this year, rare gone are the days, in my experience, when you could be offered a place based on potential alone, rather than current ability, after only a few lessons. The few people we know who have been offered places are those championship dancers who dance an awful lot! It is very competitive nowadays, however.

BOBM1 Wed 14-Jun-17 11:27:58

My DS had been offered SWL for Yr6 Birmingham, after two previous no's he's pretty happy. We know the chances of getting a place are slim, but you never know.

Best of luck to everyone still waiting for news x

LexieB Mon 12-Jun-17 14:46:53

Hope your DS is not too disappointed. The odds are so small. Good Luck to everyone else still waiting x

littlehygge Mon 12-Jun-17 14:40:49

Leeds results out too. Though my DS wasn't offered a place, unfortunately.

Good luck to everyone else.

littlehygge Mon 12-Jun-17 12:18:45

Manchester results are out now!

So if Birmingham tomorrow, Leeds will be Wednesday, at a guess. We're waiting for Leeds results, expecting a no, but fingers crossed all the same.

elfonshelf Sun 11-Jun-17 19:04:20

Good luck to all waiting.

DD had a fantastic time at the audition and I'm so glad we entered her for that reason alone - they really made it a fun time for them all.

Imagine we will be in the last group for results as she was in the final audition group.

I'm not watching the emails as the chance in London for a girl is only around 7% and as a 'rising 8' for a Year 4 place, DD has even worse odds. If a miracle occurs then that will be amazing, but I've prepped her for a No.

Entrechat Sat 10-Jun-17 13:26:11

So Manchester, Birmingham, then Leeds next then. Is that likely to be next week do you think?

LexieB Fri 09-Jun-17 13:55:46

Newcastle results are out! It then tends to be a different centres results the following days.One per day in the order the auditions took place.

Entrechat Wed 07-Jun-17 17:21:04

Some people are predicting Newcastle results (the first to audition) might be out later this week!

My DD auditioned for the first Year 4. We were doing it for the experience, and probably not expecting to be successful as I think perhaps she's too tall and wouldn't fit the RB 'type'. However, getting quite nervous now that results are imminent.

Best of luck to everyone. I'll update when we receive the results.

LexieB Tue 06-Jun-17 17:24:40

My DD auditioned for a Year 6 place on the 31st May. Last year she got the short waiting list. Results came out 2 1/2 weeks later for London auditions.It was 21st June last year that we got the email.Good Luck to everyone!!

picturesoffirelight Tue 30-May-17 17:19:41

Results were in mid June last year apparently.

Good luck to all with children auditioning in London this week. The last of the auditions I think.

amberbutton Fri 12-May-17 08:53:33

Does anyone know when we get the results? I think it was early June last time, but that seems very soon.

amberbutton Wed 10-May-17 11:36:53

Good luck to those auditioning this week. My child's audition is next week.

elfonshelf Tue 02-May-17 21:11:15

We've got the afternoon on the 2nd June in London smile

orabel Sun 30-Apr-17 13:24:50

Apparently the auditions begin next week for some, so good luck to all those children (and parents).

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