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NCO audition results

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cordobasarah Wed 04-Dec-13 23:00:44

Has anyone out there had their results yet? My daughter auditioned for the first time this year and is very tense about the results. I know they will be here soon but has anyone heard already? Thanks!

sugaraddict Tue 10-Dec-13 10:46:14

Has anybody who auditioned for U13's got their result yet? DD on tenterhooks expecting every day to be the day! Don't think she'll be able to stand the tension for much longer.

DuPanettoneDuVinDuFromage Tue 10-Dec-13 10:58:54

Getting excited reading this even though DD is still about 8 years too young to audition! fgrin I was in various NCO orchestras on violin to start with and then viola, and also in the Northerlies. It's so much fun, good luck to everyone still waiting and hope you and your DCs enjoy every minute of it! I had no idea how much it poor parents! fshock Will be getting DD started on the violin in a few years' time and really looking forward to it...

DarkHorse2013 Tue 10-Dec-13 12:10:44

Sugaraddict I know of one person who has been notified of not receiving a place in U13s, so perhaps they are sending out the good news a day later! Good luck!

DarkHorse2013 Tue 10-Dec-13 12:40:51

.... and the post has been today and still nothing. I am now doubly hoping that the bad news goes out first, as daughter's friend who was auditioning for the first time had a no yesterday. Stress!

maggiethecat Tue 10-Dec-13 23:06:24

Thinking of you DarkHorse, you'll know very soon!

sugaraddict Wed 11-Dec-13 16:14:20

Post just been and still nothing. Anybody else still waiting ?

FordPerfect Wed 11-Dec-13 16:42:11

We are still waiting to hear re Main Orchestra.

DarkHorse2013 Wed 11-Dec-13 17:15:15

Nothing here yet either ..... I think it's a bit mean making them wait this long ..... We are also waiting for an exam result so this is not helping!

bitsbots Wed 11-Dec-13 17:38:43

We've just got reserve list for under 11 and associate place for London Regional Orchestra today. The Royal Mail stamp date on the envelop is: 10.12.13.

As what I know those letters were posted last week for under 11. So, if you are still waiting -- the results may be in the post office!

GampyWabbit Wed 11-Dec-13 19:19:50

That is very mean. Our offer arrived on fri 6th - why are they sending them out on different days?

bitsbots Wed 11-Dec-13 21:49:00

GampyWabbit, I guess that they might have sent them all but the post office is too busy to process them all in one time during this busy period...anyway, we are quite happy with the result, considering DS has been learning oboe only for 1 year.

DarkHorse2013 Thu 12-Dec-13 14:19:38

FordPerfect have you heard yet? Wretched post has been and gone again with nothing, and some current U13s in daughters section were told yesterday they had been successful for Main. One had email notification and other had letters.
Getting very fed up with the way NCO handle the results every year - surely it would be simpler to email everyone so at least they all find out on the same day. This way is unnecessarily stressful for everyone. Starting to not care either way now, just want to know!

FordPerfect Thu 12-Dec-13 14:26:25

We haven't heard anything either and the post has been and gone. I agree that email might be a better way of ensuring that no one is left dangling.

DarkHorse2013 Thu 12-Dec-13 14:47:22

Silly way to do things - one year we had an email which gave the results and said that paperwork would follow, much better. Oh well - good luck and fingers crossed for all who STILL haven't heard .

sugaraddict Thu 12-Dec-13 14:57:55

Nothing here eithersad . DD has given up hope. Agreed, there must be a better way of handling this.

There's always tomorrow. ......

FordPerfect Thu 12-Dec-13 17:54:22

Someone else in our postal area has also not heard so perhaps it is a local sorting office thing.

GampyWabbit Fri 13-Dec-13 09:30:36

Good luck for today - hope it brings good news! smile

DarkHorse2013 Fri 13-Dec-13 10:18:14

Thank you GampyWabbit - our post doesn't come until 2pm so a bit more nail biting to do!

FordPerfect Fri 13-Dec-13 12:49:47

Post has arrived and a place was offered for the Main Orchestra. It was sent second class which perhaps explains the delay. Best of luck to DCs of DarkHorse2013 and sugaraddict.

DarkHorse2013 Fri 13-Dec-13 13:49:23

Congratulations FordPerfect - that's great news!
Our post has been and still nothing. I've now both emailed NCO and tried to phone, got an "on leave" autoreply and no-one is answering the phone.
Slightly fed up now!

sugaraddict Fri 13-Dec-13 13:56:26

Nothing here either Darkhorse. Have also been emailing with no response, DD will be so disappointed when she gets back from school.

DarkHorse2013 Fri 13-Dec-13 14:20:17

Hi sugaraddict - it's a bit much isn't it, mine will be unbearable until she finds out!
I just had a nice email reply (didn't say either way unfortunately) which says they were sent out 2nd class Tues/Weds this week, so they could arrive any time.
Fingers firmly crossed smile

sugaraddict Fri 13-Dec-13 14:36:24

Got to be tomorrow hasn't it? Wish they could just let us know by email and put everyone out of their misery. Good luck

sugaraddict Sat 14-Dec-13 13:09:57

Are we going to be the last ones to know? Still nothing so will have to wait to Monday nowsad

DarkHorse2013 Sat 14-Dec-13 17:46:32

Can't believe nothing today here either! One of daughter's friends heard yesterday that he hadn't been offered a place, so all results good and bad apparently still on their way. Oh well, roll on Monday!

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