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Advice re: Ballet classes in Worcester/ Droitwich/ Bromsgrove please

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hanlou16 Sun 15-Sep-13 15:19:24

Hi, Am new here so please excuse my lack of knowledge re: acronyms!

My daughter is currently about to take her Grade 1 ballet exam. She goes to a well-known dance school in Worcester; however I am looking to see if anyone can give me any advice on GOOD ballet schools in Bromsgrove or Droitwich (or Worcester) that have classes generally on a Saturday that don't require you to attend twice a week (all year round) in order to take a grade.

Obviously we'd like somewhere that people have recommended due to the good teaching etc. We've always been happy with her current school but feel a bit messed around due to constant changes in timetable etc. I have no dance background whatsoever but her teacher and other mums tell me she is very good. smile

Our other daughter is more into musical theatre/ jazz so if anyone could recommend somewhere that does both, that would be great! smile

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