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How to try out an instrument

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Stoppicking Wed 11-Sep-13 07:20:37

How about this for an afternoon to experience sounds:

chocolatemartini Wed 04-Sep-13 15:17:16

Prob too south for you but Blackheath?

Sammy3 Wed 04-Sep-13 14:38:26

The advice that was given to DS was to choose the instrument he liked the sound of, since that would make him more likely to enjoy playing. The teachers in the county music service then played each instrument that they taught. He chose trombone & is now studying for his grade 8 exam. I stuck with that advice for my DDs & it's pretty accurate. DD1 chose violin & is working on grade 2 now. DD2 chose keyboard (though she wanted to learn trumpet but that wasn't offered at her school). She's now switched to private cornet lessons which she loves. We moved home between DS & DDs primary education & DDs' school only offered a few different instruments. I should have stuck to that original advice & just gone private with DD2's music lessons in the first place but,ho hey, at least she tried something else for a few years.

ReallyTired Wed 04-Sep-13 10:04:09

Saturday morning music schools are good way to try out a range of instruments.

(Pehaps dunstable is a bit far, Watford might be easier)

Moominmammacat Wed 04-Sep-13 09:57:06

Look at orchestras online and see what appeals to him ..?

UptoapointLordCopper Tue 03-Sep-13 11:39:12

Our music school (west London) has open days where they have various instruments for pupils to try. And they have classes where kids try out an instruments for a term, but that's for kids a lot younger ... PM me if you are willing to travel this far!

Spinstrel Tue 03-Sep-13 10:44:26

No, sadly not, nor does our borough music service (which in any case is ballot-entry with a huge waiting list). LSO events sold out months before hand. Thanks for the thoughts!

Theas18 Tue 03-Sep-13 09:08:51

Don't school offer this?

Moominmammacat Mon 02-Sep-13 15:21:58

Take him to a children's concert and see what he likes the look/sound of ... try London Symphony Orchestra things for children. Or ask in school/borough music services. Probably best to hire/borrow for the first few months at least. Good luck.

Spinstrel Mon 02-Sep-13 11:34:55

I'd like to help my 7 year old choose an instrument to start learning - but don't know how. Does anyone know of any events or places in London (north/east/central, preferably) where kids can try instruments out? Thanks!

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